Pregnancy: Month By Month, Play By Play

As you get bigger and bigger due to your pregnancy, you’ll begin to feel different. The months and the weeks will go by and with them, the changing of your body and mind will occur. It's a brilliant time to raise a child, as both parents are now home due to the lockdown. But even with the extra help from dad, you will need to be ready for the surprises that can spring up on you when you least expect them. Being pregnant is a great experience but for many women, it's sometimes more uncomfortable than comfortable. Usually, it's because they didn’t prepare for the changes that occur, month by month. So we have devised a play by play for each month that will help you, stay ahead of the curve.

Month 1

Morning sickness is going to be very common, so we advise that you have access to your bathroom very easily. You will feel ill, tired and possibly, have a high temperature. So we recommend that you have a lot of bottled water by your bed, a night light that stays on in the bathroom, and perhaps a towel you can wet and put on your forehead. Don’t worry, the morning sickness vibes will eventually calm down as your body gets ready to make a baby.

Month 2

Nausea and morning sickness may continue. However, it's usually not as intense as the first month. However, it will be more or less predictable, so if you know during a certain time of the day you feel sick, stop eating if you can. Or just get to a bathroom as soon as you can. You will also feel like you need to go to the bathroom more often. Mothers to be, the experience they need to urinate more often in month 2.

Month 3

You will begin to feel like you are gaining weight. Your body will demand more and more food, so it can stock up on energy that it will use to feed the baby. You may also begin to have aversions to some foods that you have never wanted to try before. Cravings are natural and you should only dismiss them if you are allergic.

Month 4

Finally, you will begin to have a little belly. It will be a little pronounced but not too obvious. You could feel relieved as you have averted any chance of having a miscarriage. This can only happen in the early part of the journey. The best part? Your sex drive will be back to normal, so you can continue rolling around in the hay.

Month 5

Now you will begin to really feel the weight of the baby. You will feel more tired than usual and thus, require longer sleeping time. Your heart, kidneys, liver and lungs will all be working very hard at this point. So remember to eat for two people instead of one and give your body the energy it needs.

Months 6

You’ll start to feel a little gassy and bloated. Take a look at this guide for the different belly stages during pregnancy. You’ll begin to have more of a curve at this point, so you will need to buy a new set of clothes. The baby will really be developing now, so expect a few kicks and moving around in your womb. 

Month 7

You are now in the third trimester! You will begin to need support for your back as the baby gets heavier. So get yourself a brace bra or any kind of back support such as a weightlifting belt. You will begin to feel very tired now. So make sure that you have regular naps and you have made the home comfortable.

Month 8

Almost there! It's pretty much more of the same but more intense. You will feel very tired, sometimes depressed that it's taking so long and that your body has changed so much. But, you should be more positive when you remember that you have about 4-8 weeks left and then, you will be a brand new mom.

Month 9

It's here, are you ready? Your body will be heavy, tired, a little bruised and feeling groggy. But, this just means that your baby is too large to be supported by your womb any more and it's time to arrive. Your ankles, knees, hips and back will be sore so get as much rest on your back as you can. 

Your body is going to change and you will have a million different emotions all at once. But don’t worry, this is a cycle that billions of women have been through, and so can you! 

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