3 Home Projects You Should Invest In Properly

When it comes to our home we need to maintain them just like anything else, but when finances are short and times are hard it's all too easy to skimp on something or neglect it altogether. While this is OK for some things, there are others that should be invested in properly in order to avoid disaster in the long run:

  • Insulation
  • Boiler/Furnace
  • Hazard Protection

It might seem small, but proper insulation of a home is essential for many reasons, and an efficient heating system from a decent boiler is linked to this, while hazard protection is all too often overlooked.

Protection from Above

One of the most commonly underrated aspects of a home is the quality of the insulation it contains. Usually installed in the attic and walls (cavity insulation) good insulation is vital in a home for many reasons. 

While insulation is thought of as a way of keeping in the heat, which it is, it also regulates the moisture in the wooden frame of a building, maintains roofing, and prevents mold buildup. Improper attic insulation can contribute to all of these getting out of hand and causing multiple issues to your home.

Not only is proper attic insulation vital for the health of a home, but the environmental benefits help too. Keeping the home warmer means less work for your heating system which lowers bills and reduces carbon emissions.

Efficiency is Everything

Heating the home is a necessity when the colder seasons draw in and an efficient heating system is vital in ensuring you stay warm and safe in winter. Inefficient boilers use more gas than they need to, resulting in higher bills and increased carbon output.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a good boiler system that uses only what it needs, can be programmed, and is less likely to break down. A good boiler might be expensive initially but it pays for itself over the years, many times over.

Modern boilers allow for individual room temperatures to be set, using only what needs to be used which reduces your bills, saving a lot of money in the long term. Quality boilers are also less likely to breakdown or produce deadly carbon monoxide so long as they have been installed by qualified engineers.

It Doesn’t Need to Happen

Many people have no hazard protection in their homes. The simple act of installing a cheap smoke alarm and testing it regularly could mean the difference between life and death should the worst happen. Early detection of fire will allow your family to escape before succumbing to smoke inhalation.

Water prevention is also commonly overlooked but if left unchecked, water damage to a house can be worse than fire and just as deadly. Moisture build-up from storms and leaks can compromise the structural integrity of a house’s wooden frame causing it to collapse, while electrical fires can be started from a leaky pipe or roof.

It is a good idea to regularly inspect areas of your home that are prone to leaks such as the inside of the roof, bathroom areas, and the boiler room and using appropriate measures along the way.

Another hazard that is commonly overlooked is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. This deadly gas is released by the improper installation of a boiler or one that is failing. This is particularly lethal because it is odorless and you won't know if you are breathing it in before you pass out. 

Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased very cheaply and are best used in the immediate area around your boiler.

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