Top Tips For Selling On eBay

 Are you looking to make some extra money and think eBay could be the way to do it? Well, you’re right, as long as you do it right you can create a nice little business on eBay and get yourself some extra cash. eBay features anything and everything so you can sell the weirdest and most obscure items on eBay and it’s likely that there are people out there who want to buy them. But where do you start and how do you do it?

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Decide what you’re selling

If you want to sell weird and wonderful things then that’s great, but just make sure you know what they are and are into them yourself. It’s better to sell something that you know about or you love so that you have a passion for it and find it easier to sell. On eBay, you don’t need to have a theme though or stick to one thing, you can sell anything so if you want to try different things or you’re looking to get rid of things from your home then it’s okay, old board games will sell and you can sell clothes too. 


If you are planning to sell a particular thing then have a look at what others are doing on eBay. What is the competition like and are they doing anything different that makes them stand out? Take note of this but take inspiration too.


What’s great about selling on eBay is that it’s pretty much hassle-free to set up. It’s so simple and this makes is one of the reasons that almost £750 worth of goods change hands across the site every second. To start with you’ll need to register which is really quick and easy to do on the eBay website. Once you're done, you click on the drop-down menu which says ‘sell’ and simply follow the instructions. eBay will advise you on how best to sell your item, how much similar items have sold for, and how they have done well. eBay will also advise you to take photos, on how best to ship which you can learn more about here and whether you should go for auction or a ‘buy it now’ option. Remember, people are selling all the time on eBay so let eBay help you get the most out of your items. 

Be committed 

When starting out it can be slow, but stick with it and it’ll soon feel like second nature to you, it will become part of your life and the money will be rolling in. The hard work will be worth it and you could end up building a nice little empire. 

Build up your positive feedback

On eBay, buyers and sellers are able to give each other feedback and this is crucial to the success of your business on eBay and is what will set you apart from others. Build this up by giving excellent customer service and in turn, you’ll get great positive feedback. 

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