How To Deal With Those Unexpected Holiday Disasters

So you’ve planned the perfect Christmas down to the finest detail and then disaster strikes. Your toilet leaks, the oven breaks meaning the Turkey won’t cook, the Christmas tree falls over or someone falls ill. What are you going to do? 

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This time of year can be really challenging and the first thing you should do is to be prepared and not to put too much pressure on yourself. After the year everyone’s had this year, you should be congratulating yourself for just getting the decorations up and buying a few presents. However, as it gets closer to the holidays and each day is filled with Christmas cheer it’s great to get carried away with having fun and relaxing. But, things could go wrong and while you can’t solve every problem or even prevent it there are ways you can be prepared for Christmas disasters. So what could go wrong this Christmas?


The Terrible Turkey

Your oven could break and your turkey could be sat in there not cooking or the opposite could happen and you could end up burning it to a crisp, or if you are having guests over this year then you could end up with a vegan you didn’t know about. So what can you do to avoid the tragic tale of the turkey? Have a backup plan. You don’t need to have two of everything but perhaps some alternatives in the freezer, some food that you could make without the oven or simply do most of your cooking and prepping the day before so that at least you’re ahead of the game. You can cook your Turkey a day or two ahead of time and it will still be fresh and delicious and you’ll be certain that you’ll have it ready for the big day.

Floods, leaks and other DIY problems

Most home repairs can wait until after Christmas (unless it’s a broken oven, but you still might have to wait), but a broken toilet or a leak which just won’t stop can be a disaster especially if you have guests. If you think you have any plumbing issues that might arise then get your local plumbing company in now rather than waiting for disaster to strike. You can also find the number for an emergency 24/7 plumber and have it on hand just in case. 



Unfortunately, crime rates are high over the holiday season and it can completely ruin your Christmas and devastate your whole family. To start with, make sure that you are extra careful with your gifts, don’t leave them in the car or in view in your house as they will attract potential thieves. People expect people to spend a lot at Christmas and to splash out on expensive gifts so if a thief comes along and sees a big pile of presents that they can easily access, then it’s going to be like Christmas has come early for them. Make sure you’re vigilant with where you keep your things, locking your house when you go to bed, turning your alarm on and then on Christmas day make sure your kids are being careful when they’re riding around on their new bikes. If you do fall victim to crime around the holidays then make sure you report it to the police as soon as possible. 

Family Arguments

As well as being a fun time, Christmas can be a very stressful time too and if you are spending it with your family and have lots of people in the house then it can become a tense environment with disagreements, shouting matches, and some bad moods. But it doesn’t need to be that way. While it can be challenging to spend a whole day with a load of people that you either don’t really know or have next to nothing in common with or simply don’t agree with or understand, then this year, you can choose not to do that because of COVID-19 restrictions or you can simply expect the worst and you might be pleasantly surprised. Expect that disagreements may happen, find yourself a safe space to take yourself off to if it gets too much and pour yourself a drink - just don’t drink too much and make it worse. 

If you try to prepare for everything that can go wrong then while you might not be able to stop it, at least you can have an idea of how to deal with it and then fingers crossed everything will be fine and you’ll have a joyous time. 

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