#PledgeToDoubleCheck Products For Your Family's Health

Are you sure you're giving only the best and most nutritious food and drinks to your family? Have you double checked the ingredients of your favorite products? 

Do not let your guard down, mommies! Oftentimes, we get easily swayed by ads that we don't really check the ingredients anymore. There might be red flags that you don’t see in the usual products  that you buy. Just because we see our kids are enjoying their usual snacks and drinks doesn’t mean that  our job is done, because as important it is to give them what they want, it’s even more important to give  them what they need. 

It’s never too late to break that bad habit of buying whatever is pleasing to the eyes and what is popular  because All Natural Seasons Juice by Dole have started the mommy movement PledgeToDoubleCheck  that advocates for smarter and wiser grocery shopping. 

This movement is a call to be more conscious about grocery shopping habits and to inform and  properly educate people about the ingredients of the products they are regularly buying. The lesser ingredients  they contain, the more natural they probably are, hence, a healthier and safer product for the family.  

Together with other moms all over the country, pledge to check the label and be committed towards being more aware of which brands to  put your trust in and assessing which are true to their claim of being a healthy product. Be prepared to be surprised to discover that some of your favorite products may contain ingredients that are unhealthy for the family. 

Join this movement now and be part of the change! Post a photo of yourself holding and reading the  back label of any food or beverage product and tell us what you discovered when you double-checked.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PledgeToDoubleCheck and tag @allnaturalseasons so you can  influence other mommies, and little by little, we can all take the next steps towards creating a healthier  lifestyle for us and our children.

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