This 2021, Tuloy ang Buhay! Help your chosen charity win 100K from AIA Philam Life

Same time last year, I was happily dreaming of the good things to come as 2020 enters. I was excited for our upcoming travels. We had so many events in our family and community that were in the works. Who would've known we would be spending the past 9 months locked up like this. 

The quarantine season made us enjoy meals at home more. We actually don't crave eating out anymore.

But come to think of it, 2020 also brought the best in us. We have learned to appreciate the little things we have. We have paid more attention to our family, our home, and our health. Friends and family abroad got to join us in our virtual family parties.

What was supposed to be my Mama's grand 70th birthday celebration last September became a Zoom-prise birthday party with all our relatives from here and abroad.

My family is lucky that we still got a steady stream of income during this pandemic. Not everyone has been lucky, though. Actually, this Christmas season, we thought of using our budget on Christmas gifts to donate to those who were badly affected by this pandemic. How I wish we had a lot to spare so we can help more people. Well, AIA Philam Life is now making this wish into a reality. You too can be someone's reason to be grateful this holiday season just by voting for your chosen charity.

Here's how:

  1. Fill up the form and nominate a charity of your choice:
  2. This will serve as your raffle entry and if your name is picked, the charity you nominated will receive Php100,000 from AIA Philam Life.
  3. There are some options in the form but they are not limited to choosing from the list, they can input their preferred charity. These charities are: SOS Children's Village, Haribon, Leonard Chesire Foundation, and Anawin Home for the Elderly.

You can check out the full mechanics at

I would like to personally commend AIA Philam Life for spearheading this initiative. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to help the needy this holiday season! 

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