5 Exterior Home Maintenance Chores For The Winter

As winter comes around, you’ll want to get your home ready for the season. You’re likely focusing on the inside of your home, from festive decor to prepping your fire! When you’re making these improvements, don’t forget to give the exterior of your home some TLC. There are a few chores which will need your attention in the coming weeks, so let’s dive in.

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1 . Grit Your Pathway

As winter approaches, you’ll want to prepare your pathway for icy weather. First things first, give your pathway a clean using a pressure washer or a garden hose. It’s best to remove any dirt and debris before you apply grit. When temperatures drop, and ice begins to form, a layer of grit will help protect your family from trips and falls. When you’re expecting snow, it’s best to do the same to your driveway (to ensure that your car wheels don’t skid or slip).

2. Check Your Lighting

Walking on an icy path in the dark can be pretty dangerous, so pre-winter is a great time to check your lighting. If you don’t already have outdoor lights consider installing a motion sensor, these are both energy efficient and practical for the wintertime. When you’re choosing your bulbs go for LED for a long-lasting green option.

3. Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Over the course of the year, our gutters can become clogged with debris and dirt. Failing to unclog your gutters can end up negatively affecting your drainage system and your roofing. While you’re inspecting your gutters, look for cracked or broken roof shingles. It’s advisable to repair these before it gets cold. Draughts can make your home cold and increase your energy bills. What’s more, the winter weather is bound to make any small cracks quickly get worse!

4. Clear Out The Garage

As the year draws to a close, it’s a great time to clean out your garage. Often, we tend to accumulate junk here over the year. You’ll want to enter the new year clutter-free, which is why now is an excellent time to go through your old items. If you have anything to sell, try apps like LetGo or Decluttr. Both of these can connect you with local sellers to sell everything from garden tools to old furniture or clothing. While you’re at it, check for any maintenance jobs that need doing whether you need your garage door fixed, or a nice paint job! If you’re looking for a new door opener, the merlin garage door opener is a great option.

5. Protect Your Plants

When the wintertime hits, plants can become damaged by the cold. To protect your plants from frost, you can surround them with a layer of mulch. As well as this you can cover your plants with a blanket at night time. When the morning comes, remember to remove it so your plants can get some of the winter sun.

Once you’re done with your outside chores don’t forget to ensure that your pipes are insulated. Failing to insulate is one of the most common causes of burst pipes, especially in the winter time!

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