Family is Everything

One of my biggest life blessings is the fact that I come from a big family. I have 5 siblings and all of us are now married and have kids. You can just imagine how rowdy we are especially when the kids start running around. 

This is only a part of of our bunch at the cemetery (a.k.a Papa's place). My sister lives with her family in Brisbane. My sisters-in-law are not in the photo. I also have a nephew in Sydney.

Growing up, life was tough. My parents had to do all sorts of sidelines to make ends meet. Back then, I felt sad that we were always lacking. I dreamt of having the trendiest clothes like my classmates and not wearing hand-me-downs from the children of my mama's friends. I was envious of my friends who flew to holiday destinations. I thought back then that we were dirt poor. It was only when I got a bit older that I realized that my parents cannot spend on our wants because they were preparing for our future needs. And I thank the Lord for blessing us with parents who taught us the value of protecting the family financially because, at the end of the day, family is everything!

Fast forward to today, my parents own a 3-storey home in an exclusive subdivision in the metro where my brothers and their families are also living in. All of us didn't have to stop schooling or be a working student just to finish college. We didn't have money to spend on luxuries back then, but all of us were insured. Mama made sure that we all had health insurance policies. When Papa passed in 2014, he was laid to rest in a beautiful private cemetery. It was also during this time that Mama discussed her life insurance policies with me and my sister (we're the 2 oldest in our brood).  She made sure that she will leave this earth with all of us living comfortably, enjoying the fruits of all our sacrifices in the past.

This is also what I want for my only son. My husband and I want him to still live comfortably even when we are no longer around especially because he doesn't have siblings to rely on. Yan talaga ang kinatatakutan kong mangyari. That's why we also made sure to invest in life insurance and other investments while we can still work hard for the payments. Kung kinaya nga nila Mama at Papa, kaya din namin! And my mantra will still be "Family is Everthing."

I hope all of us parents also stick to this mantra. Hindi morbid mag-plano ng life insurance! (Yes, please quote me on this!) It's actually the best legacy that you can leave with your children. Whatever happens, you can literally rest in peace knowing that they can still continue with their education or live comfortably as if you're still with them.

The AIA All-in-One 5/10-year Pay plan is one of the insurance plans worth considering if you're still looking for one. 
  • Life insurance benefit for your beneficiaries of up to 5X the amount you paid
  • Get up to 2x if death is due to an accident
  • Pay either for 5 or 10 years
  • Cash benefits for accidents, disability, or critical illnesses
  • Last year of premium payment is FREE
Let your love live on. Start planning for your family’s future as early as now. For more information about AIA All-in-One, visit AIA Philam Life's Facebook page at, website, email, or call (02) 8528-2000.

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