Five top Locations to Relocate With Your Family

With so much work being done these days remotely, it opens up a world of possibilities for ex-pat life in exciting locations. We are no longer limited to a region for work purposes, so why not consider moving the family to a magical island, a place in the sun, or an urban dwelling with a high living standard? The world is a small place these days, and it's ever more acceptable to be an ex-pat and an incomer. In the list below, there are some ideas to spark some interest and inspiration.

I'm really considering moving to Australia after staying for a month at my sister's place.


This magical northern island is sparsely populated and enjoys a high standard of living, perhaps due to it's localized economy and responsible banking system. Reykjavik has everything you would expect from a major city, bars, restaurants, and concert halls, but it also enjoys outdoor hot pools that are excellent for relaxing in and good for your health. Of course, it is chilly in the winter, but that is made up for in the summer with spectacular waterfalls in the wilderness.


Germany, in particular the Bavaria region in the South, is an excellent place to live and raise children. The standard of living is very high, as is the standard of education. Germany is a place of culture, and the old traditions are highly regarded and maintained with a certain determination. You and your family can enjoy a high standard of living that includes holidays to the close-by mountains for skiing, or weekend jaunts to Austria, Italy, or France.


Do you enjoy warm weather most of the year, excellent cuisine, and classic architecture? Italy could be the place for you. Every region in Italy has its own special character. In the North, you have cities and cultures, while in the South you have tradition and landscape. If you and your kids like to swim, there are lots of opportunities to take advantage of the continuous sunshine in the outdoor pool. In terms of the language, Italian is easier than some others to learn, such as German.


India might not seem like an obvious choice to relocate your family to, you've probably heard stories of poverty and overcrowding. Truthfully, these issues do exist in the country, but they are mirrored by the tremendous color, vibrancy, and adventure to be found in this country like no other. Even if you only relocate for a year, you will have experiences that will stay with you forever, riding around in tuk-tuks, eating subvention cuisine, and exploring East Asia from your Indian base camp.


With a high standard of living, excellent education, and the benefit of an English-speaking society, it's no wonder Australia is one of the most popular locations for families to relocate in the long term. Check out a House and land package. Different places offer different possibilities, from the cosmopolitan streets of Sydney to the warm golden sands of Queensland. Take up a new hobby like surfing, or enjoy swimming in the house pool – a common feature if Australian homes. It might be far from home, at first, but quite quickly you won't want to leave.

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