Showing Your Love Through Healthy Skin

How do you show your love to your family? I guess most moms will say that they show their love through taking good care of the family. Or through making their favorite food. Or giving them quality time. But did you know that you can also show your love by making sure that your loved ones have healthy skin? Who wouldn't love moments kissing, hugging, tickling, and holding especially the little ones?

Me and Ralph way back in 1995. Sorry for the super low tech cellphone cam photo!

Oilatum, a globally trusted skincare brand, recently invited moms to the ProtectKnowlogy Bath Time Summit to teach us how to show our love through healthy skin. The summit is part of STADA's game plan to help improve healthcare in the Philippines by providing quality products to the Filipinos such as Oilatum.

Oilatum soap bar

How I wished I learned then what I have learned during the summit. There were so many takeaways shared by esteemed doctors. First was Dr. Wilsie Salas-Walinsundin, M.D., F.P.D.S, F.S.P.D., a pediatric dermatologist and also a mom. She discussed the common skin problems of children until their adolescent years.  Since my son is already a young adult, I was able to connect each skin problem to a specific time in my mommyhood. Ralph's skin was so sensitive when he was younger that he easily gets rashes every time the season changes. There was also one time when we spent a summer in the province and he contracted impetigo or mamaso

Dr. Wilsie Salas Walinsundin

Basically, Dra. Wilsie's talk centered on the following key points:

  1. The key to maintaining good skin health is the knowledge of the factors that cause these skin diseases;
  2. Cleansing is the key in keeping the skin healthy.
  3. A good skin cleanser in one that has emollient and occlusive properties, one that is mild, and has no parabens nor GMOs.

Dr. Antonio Sison M.D., F.P.P.A, F.P.D.S., the first and only board-certified psychiatrist and board-certified dermatologist in the Philippines, followed. Since his focus is on Psychodermatology, he explained the relationship between the mind and skin. Simply put, being stressed causes unhealthy skin and unhealthy skin causes stress. Moms get additional stress when family members get skin problems. Remember Ralph's impetigo episode when he was five? It was really stressful for me! I hate it everytime I have to disinfect and medicate his wounds. Sobrang nakakadiri, talaga! It's stuff that can give you nightmares.

Bottomline, if you want to avoid stress and you also want to maintain peace and quiet at home, make an extra effort to keep your loved ones' skin healthy. And what better way to keep skin healthy but by only using a product that is specially formulated to protect skin against rashes, redness, and itchiness such as Oilatum.

Oilatum's Moisture Protectnology combines mineral oils to help seal in moisture and also has protective antioxidants and natural cleansing ingredients. It is also free of parabens and GMOs that's why most pediatricians recommend it for babies, even for daily use.

When baby's skin is healthy, mommy is happy and stress-free. Happy hugging!

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