What to Look for in a Luxury Apartment

Young urban professionals hold themselves to a higher standard for their living quarters than some other demographics. Not content to settle for a lesser number of conveniences, they look for apartments with all the bells and whistles, perks and finer finishes than the average dwelling.

New builds and renovations alike are taking shape across the country and landlords would do well to follow suit, both to attract and to retain upscale renters like yourself. Steven Taylor landlord has taken the lead on apartment redevelopment. Keep an eye open and you may notice the uptick in these trendsetting units.


It may be tricky to find a place with every amenity under the sun, but pick a few must haves. A private hot tub, for instance or a trendy wall mounted electric fireplace. Free Wi-Fi and smart home features that control everything from turning out lights and controlling the thermostat to playing your favorite music are becoming standard fare. Retail services such as a hair and nail salon, a coffee or juice bar, or boutique and specialty shops located in the lobby could add great value to the rental.


No laminate countertops or fiberglass shower surrounds will do for you. Natural stone such as marble, quartz or granite are more to the point. Opt for the luxury of genuine hardwood floors or high end travertine or marble flooring, rather than a lesser laminate or vinyl material. Cheap contractor lighting should be overlooked in favor of heavier, designer fixtures.


Use of the courtyard pool and a free membership to the local gym are great starts, but even more enticing to offer peloton or mirror fitness classes included in the rent? A rooftop deck or outdoor kitchen that could be used for entertaining could be a big draw, as would a private, covered parking spot.

You may want to consider some of these high-end features for your next move. After all, if you have gone to the effort to earn it, you deserve to get a little back to yourself.

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