Post-Pregnancy Work: Slowly Get Back In To The Swing Of Things

Some women feel that they are ready to get back to work just a few months after they have given birth. For many others it's about 1 year after the birth of their children that they feel it's the right time to get back into the swing of things. Whenever you feel is best for you, getting back to work is not something you should fear. The challenge of finding work is lesser than it ever was, and since you can work from home, this is an added bonus to the current employment climate. Many small businesses need to outsource some of their tasks and for that, freelancers are the key group to turn to. Freelancers offer a range of skills and abilities that small businesses want and need. That means that you can work from home and still take care of your children. It's a good idea to take a look at these options and see where you could find consistent and highly rewarding work.

Marketing consultant

With software tools like Zoom, you can have conference calls with business owners and their management teams straight from home. It's a good idea to set up a home office so you have a professional room from which to have such conversations. Marketing is something entrepreneurs desperately need help with. If you have a marketing background then you can formulate marketing campaigns for small and micro businesses from home. Using conference call tools, you can send and receive files and folders. Just request a brief from the client, look over what their business is about and write up a plan of action. When they are in the process of executing the campaign, just be ready to be contacted via Zoom or your personal phone number.

Supplementing your growth

For many new mothers, running their own business is perhaps the best step forward in life. Not only do they get to work to their own time schedule, but they can choose what tasks they take on and which they outsource. For competitive outsourcing you can always use a company that gives you professional business services but only charges you for the leads you use. For example, you may be on the prowl for an accountant or business consultant, you only need to pay for the professionals you interact with. You throw up a job advertisement or a need that you want fulfilled and then a professional will give you back a quote. If the quote satisfies you then you can pay a fee to get in touch with them personally. You’ll have access to their email address, phone number and their name.

Prove your way in

If you’re looking to rejoin the business you worked for before taking maternity leave, then you can prove your way back in. For example, you can create a small report on the area you focussed on, show market and consumer trends, talk about risks and give your opinion on how best to move the company forward.

You’re always going to find it a little bit of an uphill battle to find work after pregnancy. However businesses are more than happy to take on great minds that took a bit of a time out.

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