Kid’s Toy Review: Plum Terrace Wooden Role Play Kitchen

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration regarding what to buy your little girl for Christmas or their birthday then you should certainly consider the option of a kid’s kitchen. Role playing toys such as this one are highly popular with children because they allow them to use their imagination – they can be whoever they want to be and make up any scenario they want to be involved in.

A kid’s kitchen is a great choice in particular because food based role playing toys are highly popular. Children see their parents cooking on a daily basis and they want to join in. Obviously they can’t for evident reasons. Thus, a kid’s kitchen provides them with the next best choice. They can cook whenever they like. They can emulate their parents and they will feel special that they have their own little kitchen just like you. Plus, you can teach them using these toys. You can show them what foods to eat in order to ensure they don’t need to see a dentist for rotten teeth. You can also teach them about health and nutrition too.

If you are looking for a great place to start your search for this toy then you should certainly consider the Plum Terrace Wooden Role Play Kitchen with Accessories. This kitchen is stunning in style. It features a white, red and pink colour scheme which is assured to be loved by little girls. The actual frame of the kitchen is white. The microwave and the oven is red. There is a fabric cover covering the storage space which is pink. Then there are some fantastic pink and red patterns throughout, for instance there is a red boarder with white love hearts trailing along the area of the tap and the stove.

The kid’s kitchen may look good, but the fun that can be had with this is even better. There are tons of features that come with this kitchen, ensuring that the fun that can be had is simply endless. The facilities that come with this toy are as follows; an oven, a fridge-freezer, a hob, dials which click and turn, a microwave, a sink with taps that turn and an accessory set including an array of accessories. The accessory set is highly beneficial. When it comes to most toys like this one, parents find that they have to go out and buy a separate accessory set so that their child can start playing with their new favourite toy. This can be frustrating because it means more money must be spent, moreover your little girl will be disappointed when she opens her fantastic kid’s kitchen only to discover that it is not ready to play with just yet.

A final point worth noting is that when the kitchen is assembled it boasts the following size; 112 cm in length x 31 cm in width x 102 cm in height.

So there you have it – a toy which is assured to go down a treat with your little princess!

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