Myeongdong Shopping Haul: MISSHA Superfood Lip Care Line

If you're into Korean beauty products like me, a trip to Seoul would not be complete without shopping at the famous Myeongdong shopping district. And on a recent trip with the family to Seoul, South Korea, I did just that. I was so serious in shopping that I wasn't able to take photos but this blog will be all about the unboxing and review of the MISSHA Superfood Lip Total Care line that I bought at MISSHA Myeongdong.

Watch this video to see my unboxing and review of all MISSA Superfood Lip Total Care products!

MISSHA Superfood Lip Total Care products were sold at 70% off at Myeongdong!

Korean brand MISSHA has become a favorite not only among locals but Filipinas as well. I've always wanted to try their products but there's no store near me so I end up buying them either from Althea or Beauty MNL. What caught my eye when I was at the MISSHA Myeongdong shop was the entire Superfood Lip Care Line display.

MISSHA Total Lip Care

It was my first time to see all MISSHA lip care products up close as I only usually see the MISSHA Apricot Lip Scrub sold online. Since everything was sold at 70% off, I took the chance to hoard them all! The prices I posted on the video were the non-discounted prices so I got everything at a much lower price. Plus the good thing about shopping at MISSHA Myeongdong (and most other shops at the district) is that it's duty-free! Good thing I always brought my passport with me wherever we went.

MISSHA Superfood Apricot Lip Scrub for clearing and exfoliation

My lips are prone to dryness to the point of scaling that's why I often scrub my lips with a lip scrub. It also didn't help that it was already warmer in Korea (start of summer) when we arrived so I'd often get dehydrated from all the walking we did. Then again, it's the perfect timing to test drive the MISSHA Superfood Lip Total Care products, don't you think?

MISSA Superfood Apricot Lip Scrub review
MISSHA Superfood Apricot Seed Lip Scrub, 5500 KRW (discounted price: 1650 KRW/71.60 PHP)

There are two things that I really liked about the MISSHA Superfood Apricot Seed Lip Scrub:
  • Packaging - I am already using a sugar-based lip scrub but it's in a pot so there's still a need to apply the product on my lips with my finger. Having the lip scrub in a tube not only makes it convenient but hygienic as well.
  • Scent and Taste - One can never go wrong with apricot flavor. And yes, I tasted it, LOL! I bet it's edible (I hope so, haha!). 
The only downside was that I had to re-apply another thicker coating to really be successful in scrubbing the dry skin off my lips.

MISSHA Superfood Lip Oil in Berry & Honey for boosting

MISSHA Superfood Lip Oil comes in two variants: Berry and Honey. The direct English translation of the description written on its box was "nutrient lip oil to boost moisturizing lips." I figured that it's supposed to be applied right after having the lip scrub.

MISSHA Superfood Lip Oil review
MISSHA Superfood Lip Oil in Berry and Honey variants, 9000 KRW (discounted price: 2700 KRW/118 PHP)
It's actually like a thick lip gloss that moisturizes the lips. The Berry variant has this sweet, fruity scent while the Honey variant has a mild, honey scent. The Berry variants also has a reddish tint so it's good to go unlike the Honey variant which is colorless. 

MISSHA Superfood Blackbean Lip Sleeping Pack for hydration

MISSHA Superfood Blackbean Lip Sleeping Pack is the newest addition to my nightly beauty routine. This vanilla-scented lip product is like a lip balm in a pot but loaded with keratin to hydrate your lips while you sleep.

MISSHA Superfood Lip Sleeping Pack review
MISSHA Superfood Blackbean Lip Sleeping Pack, 8000 KRW (discounted price: 2400 KRW/105 PHP)
I was initially hesistant to apply the product on my lips. Silly me thought that it might taste like tausi (fermented blackbeans) LOL! Surprisingly, the scent is as sweet as the other products in the line. It does make my lips look smoother and more plump upon waking though I think it can do better after a few more weeks of application.

MISSHA Superfood Avocado Lip Balm

MISSHA Superfood Avocado Lip Balm acts as a daily barrier against dryness. Aside from avocado oil it also has shea butter that moisturizes the lips. 

MISSA Superfood Avocado Lip Balm review
MISSA Superfood Avocado Lip Balm, 7000 KRW (discounted price: 2100 KRW/92 PHP)
What's really impressive about this lip balm is the fact that it has the EWG Green Grade meaning it's free from harmful chemicals and is okay for use even for those with sensitive lips.

MISSHA Philippines, please have these available here!

I am really loving the MISSHA Superfood Lip Care line products that I bought in Myeongdong. I wish I have hoarded two or three more sets of these! The problem with Korean won is that it makes everything look so expensive, haha! When we got home and I started computing and converting everything to Philippine peso, it turned out that the whole line only had me paying 500 pesos. Hay, sayang talaga! I hope MISSHA Philippines make these available soon. Or at least Althea or Beauty MNL sell the other babies and not be limited to the lip scrub.

I also bought the MISSHA 7-Day Tinted Eyebrow and the MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Liquid Eyeliner so stay tuned for my review of these two! Hope you liked the unboxing video I made.

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