How to Keep Your Garden Looking Spectacular Even If You Don’t Have Much Time to Maintain It

Keeping a lovely and lush garden is something that many homeowners strive for. It can add kerb appeal, make your yard more desirable to use, and help to bring that sense of nature to your life. Also, for many people, gardening is a soothing hobby to take in part in, one in which they take a lot of pride in.

So, what happens if you like the look of a healthy gorgeous garden but don’t exactly have the time to maintain it? Does that mean it’s not possible? Do you have to settle for a rather bland exterior that is void of gardens? The short answer is “no”, you don’t have to do without, however, there are some tips that you can use that will help keep it neat, tidy, and healthy looking without having to spend a huge amount of time out there.

Limit the Number of Plants in the Garden

While this tip may seem counterintuitive when creating the "perfect garden", in reality, there are other elements you can add to the garden that will make up for it. Ideally, you want to have a few plants as possible that you need to care for. Remember, plants grow, spread, and generally just take up more room as they mature. There’s no need to bunch everything in there. By having fewer plants, you’ll have fewer items to maintain, and it can create a much more cared-for look since it doesn’t get wild and out of control.

Skip the Annuals

Another tip is to skip planting annuals. These are plants/flowers that you need to purchase and then plant on a yearly basis. Sure, they can add a lovely pop of colour, but it's a lot of work to do this each and every year. Instead, fill your garden with perennials, which are plants that come back each year. Shrubs such as lavender, daphne, euonymus, and holly are all great options to look into, and they add a pop of colour.

Choose Drought Resistant Plants

It’s also wise to choose drought resistant hardy plants. This will result in less time you need to be out there watering, and you won’t be worried about your plants shrivelling up. At the same time, you want to be sure you are planting things in the proper light and soil conditions for that particular species.

Have Your Garden Professionally Maintained

Now if you’re not willing to make sacrifices where the variety of plants and the number of plants are concerned, and you’re determined to have a real masterpiece, then the best advice is to look into professional garden maintenance services such as those offered by Greater Brisbane Gardens. Services offered include such things as weeding, hedging, edging, fertilising, pruning, composting, mulching, and so much more. Also, you can set up a maintenance schedule that works for your garden’s specific needs.

Enjoy that Lovely Garden of Your Dreams

All of these tips can help you to have the garden you’ve been dreaming of, but without making any sort of massive time commitment.

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