#ZeroWorries Life Achieved with the new Best Ever Joy!

And I'm finally back to regular blogging programming! Char! Finally, our Facundo is back after a month-long vacation in their province so I have a househelper again. It's been years since I was left to doing the household chores by myself. But you know, it didn't bother me much because for one, I grew up doing household chores; and, second, I know a few tricks to keep my domestic life worry-free.

I'm So Lucky To Have a Son Who Loves To Cook

My son shares my passion for good food. And when you love good food, you're sure to copy it and make your own version. So even without a househelp, I had help in the food preparation area because my teen loves to cook! I started teaching him how to cook way back when he was in grade school. Now, I don't worry anymore if he knows how to use the kitchen appliances or what ingredients goes with what. Madalas sitting pretty na lang ako when Ralph is cooking lunch or dinner. So take it from me, train your kids to cook while they're still young, lol!

Ralph's Sriracha Wings and Veggie Kimchi Stew are best eaten with a bottle of Sapporo Beer

When he came back from his summer trip to Japan last year, he brought with him new recipes that he discovered there and cooked his version at home. Hindi ako biased dahil sa anak ko siya ha, pero ang sarap talaga niya magluto! He has this thing for tweaking traditional international recipes. Our agreement though is that his Dad or I will do the dishes because he just wants to enjoy his beer or dessert after dinner, LOL! No worries for me because that's one of my favorite household chores.

My Number 1 Pet Peeve: A Messy Kitchen Sink!

Though I've always had a househelper since I got married, I make sure that everything at home is spic and span, especially the kitchen.  Hate na hate ko ang naiiwang hugasin sa lababo! No matter how tired or sleepy I am, this can never be skipped. I won't sleep until the sink is empty because I dread the thought of cockroaches creeping on the unwashed dishes! Plus the germs and bacteria that would breed overnight. No way!

Best Ever Joy's HOD promises Zero Sebo

With the new Best Ever Joy, doing the dishes is made even easier, faster, and better. The new Best Ever Joy has HOD as its powerful ingredient which is an amphiphilic polymer that locks in grease better and prevents it from attaching again to dishes when rinsing.

This innovative new formula promises Zero Sebo (claim based on technical and quantitative tests with 300 consumers in Metro Manila vs the previous formula). Best Ever Joy breaks grease faster and more efficiently. Grease is kept suspended in the wash solution (yes, kitang-kita na lumulutang talaga ang oils!) and rinses off more quickly.

The cleansing suds are more powerful with this new formula so ilang patak lang talaga ang kailangan to wash a whole lot of dishes!

Less Time to Do The Dishes, More Time for Bonding

With Best Ever Joy, ang bilis matapos ng hugasin. The boys only wait for me for a while before we start our after dinner Netflix-binge. And I can really relax knowing that I don't have ipis and germs on my dishes and kitchen sink. #ZeroWorries life, achieved!

The new Best Ever Joy comes in a limited offer of only Php 99 for the 495 ml bottle. Joy is available at all supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores nationwide. It is a quality product of Procter and Gamble. For more information and updates and promos, follow Best Ever Joy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoyPhilippines.

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