Balancing Work And Toddler Parenting

Nowadays there’s no need to stay home and raise your children all the way up to their teens before you can refocus on your own life again. There are so many services for parents now that are geared toward helping you get back to work but also giving your toddlers a great quality of life. It's a lifesaver to have a play school take your children to learn and have fun while you get on with the serious and busy work life. Yet we must ask ourselves what is this doing to our children? If they are separated from you for a long time they tend to get a little bit confused as to who they can look to for food, water and comfort. Think about life through their eyes for a second. Their parents drop them off with strangers and although they have fun playing games, they have trouble trusting the teachers and other kids. Eventually this passes and they become used to being with other people. But the same cannot be said for their parents because they know that you won’t always be there for them. So how can you maintain a strong relationship of trust with your toddler and still work full time?

Do your work together

Toddlers often get some basic homework to do. This might be to color in a picture that they receive from their teachers. It could just be to do a join the dot game or perhaps write a short story. When they come home from their kindergarten school, you should have them work next to you while you also do some work. If you work full time in an office as a marketing strategist, you’ll be compiling research reports, assessing different designs for the brand and looking at consumer trends etc. This can leave you buried eyeball deep into your papers and not give your toddler the attention they crave.

However you can have your children do their homework right next to you while sat at the dining table or in your office. This keeps them close to you so they feel they are part of normal family routine. This also gives toddlers a chance to comprehend why you're so busy and not always available. You working in front of them will get them to better understand your responsibilities and that you’re not just away from them out of pure desire to be alone. Remember when you were little and you were always confused as to what a job was and what adults did for 6 to 8 hours a day? Working together or simultaneously will give them a clearer picture.

Making up for it

Feeding time is one of the natural times when child and parent bond. You’re helping them to grow stronger with each meal and subconsciously this builds a bridge between you two. It's a simple matter of what animals do, when they eat together they know that they can depend on each other to survive. Yet when you’re busy, there isn’t a lot of time to cook family meals and all sitting down at the same time to eat. It's life, it gets hectic and very busy. But you can make up for it by giving your toddler a nutritious meal that they would otherwise get from your naturally. For example, the nutritious milk drinks for toddlers are now coming in a new formula that is in the S26 category. It's a great substitute for mother’s milk which helps working professional mothers to give their toddlers a meal or feed that does the same job.

Meeting up at lunch

Toddlers have lunch breaks at their play school and if you don’t work too far, you can always travel to the play school and have lunch with them. If you would rather not spend time eating in the office and just want to get away to inhale some fresh air, then this time can be used to head to your toddler’s kindergarten and eat lunch with them. You spend more time with your kids overall which is what some parents want. You won’t have to take time off from work to spend more time with your kids this way as you get to see them for 1 extra hour every day.

Busy mothers don’t need to sacrifice not being heavily involved the early years of their children’s upbringing even if they work full time. You can have your toddler do his or her homework right next to you as you finish up some late night tasks for your work too. You can also feed them substitute milk that is just as nutritious as natural milk for when you don’t have the time to work and feed throughout the day.

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