SkinWhite says no to skin-shaming with "Dark or White, You are Beautiful" campaign

Back when I was a young girl, I was often called negrita because of my dark skin. And it was hard for me especially when I reached puberty. The lack of self-confidence that the shaming brought affected me so much until adulthood.

Dark-skinned kids nowadays will find it doubly hard because of the Internet. Bashing and skin-shaming are prevalent across all social media platforms. Should this really be happening? Should being dark-skinned make one a lesser person?  SkinWhite dares to say no with their recent campaign.

You might be wondering why a skin-whitening brand like SkinWhite would even care to launch such a campaign. Rachelle Layda, Marketing Manager for Whitening of Splash Corporation says that they aim to empower women to choose to define their own standard of beauty. SkinWhite respects whether you choose dark skin or white skin as beautiful.

I think it's about time we all do that to teach our children about beauty regardless of skin color. As Pam Sulit, Splash Corporation's VP for Marketing says, "Skin color should not be about one being better than the other."  Meanwhile, Rachel Villanueva, Creative Director of Petch & Partners, the creative agency that created this campaign for SkinWhite adds, "White and dark are both beautiful."

Whether you choose to have dark skin or white skin, you are beautiful. Wear your skin whichever way you choose. Watch the new SkinWhite ad to be moved a little bit more by this campaign.

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