The Essential Guide to Nesting

If you are embarking on the final trimester of your pregnancy, the chances are that you are starting to experience the nesting urge. While you may have read about this prior to becoming pregnant, it can be difficult to fully understand the insatiable appetite to making sure that everything is ready for the impending arrival your little bundle of joy. The concept of nesting and seeing it play out can be funny, traumatic or a mixture of the two. Your other half witnessing you cleaning at 2 am in the morning can actually be quite scary! However, by clueing yourself up on nesting, why it occurs, and how to channel it healthily, this can help you prepare for your little one.

The Irrational Becomes Rational

Just because there is the tiniest piece of peeling wallpaper on your feature chimney breast wall may now mean that you have to redecorate the entire room. While you’ve seen that minuscule piece of paper in the past and it hasn’t bothered you, now it seems like the only way you can save the world is by stripping it back, re-wallpapering, and painting the whole room while you’re at it. This irrational response to a flaw can now seem entirely rational. A supportive partner may try to talk you out of this extreme response. However, the chances are if this is what will make you happy and content and feel safe and secure, a weekend of decorating may be on the cards.

The Nursery

Even though the cot is up, you’ve decorated in neutral hues, and you have all the furniture, toys and equipment that your baby could ever want for, you might still be cogitating over your choice of colour, cot or furnishings. Don’t beat yourself up about this and realise that it is only your desire to want the best for your little one that is acting as your motivation. If you haven’t done so already, consider checking out baby monitor reviews to give you more peace of mind when you are sleeping at night should your little darling wake up. Consider baby cameras to add an extra level of monitoring. It’s natural to be a nervous first time parent.

Cooking And Cleaning

While it’s a little more of an abstract link to your little one, the desire to prepare for your baby’s arrival will encompass your want to make things easier once your bundle of joy comes home. Perhaps you find yourself at half past four in the morning when you can’t sleep because you need to pee every twenty minutes, slaving over a hot stove cooking up some one pot meals that you can freeze. Having a bountiful supply of dinners ready for when your little one is taking up so much of your time, that you have no energy nor inclination to cook up a healthy meal is no bad thing. Just make sure that you don’t go hell for leather and tire yourself out cooking before your little one is even here.


While you may have thought nothing of the knick knacks on your shelf, the clutter taking up floor space in the hallway and your old collection of VHS tapes on the bookshelf, now you may be utterly appalled by them. As such you need to have a massive clear out and a spring clean while you are at it. Making your home and storage spaces more streamlined ready for your little cherub is natural. Don’t be surprised if you get some funny looks from your partner as you rush to clean up your home, but at least you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you don’t have a hoarders home.

At the same time, you may venture into your wardrobe to check out your maternity clothes, only to find your attire in complete disarray. There are shirts next to skirts and jackets interspersed between trousers. This just won’t do, so you make it a point of business to re-organise your clothes by colour, size, attire type and newness. When you’re done, your wardrobe will look like a boutique fashion house rail ready to be utilised once again.

Nesting is an entirely natural part of pregnancy. Not every woman goes through this phase, but those that do can find the feelings and emotions that accompany it highly intense. There will always be things on your to-do list that you simply don’t get around to doing. Don’t beat yourself up about this and try to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. If you channel your energies into the right areas, with a supportive partner, you can end up with a home (or a nest) perfect for your new arrival.

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  1. There are so many things about pregnancy that are unexplainable. The nesting urge is one of them! It's so hard trying to describe that need to an uninterested husband. Haha. This post brought back fond memories from right before my firstborn. Great read!

  2. With our first baby, my wife severely had the urges towards the end of the pregnancy, which often resulted in me being forced to clean at 2 a.m. We have 6 weeks left to go with this pregnancy and none of these urges yet (thankfully).

  3. Funny thing is I never experienced any nesting I was actually the opposite I just let everything be and couldn't care less I guess it was due to exhaustion I would have definitely loved to have experienced it.

  4. I only nested a little with my son, but it all definitely centered on cleaning. I knew I wanted to come home from the hospital to a clean house, so we cleaned soooo much!


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