Why Your Home Isn’t As Relaxing As It Should Be

Have you ever visited someone else’s home and realized that your home, by comparison, isn’t all that relaxing, inviting, comfortable -- essentially, all the good things that a home should be? It can be difficult to put your finger on exactly what makes one property a sea of tranquility and another chaotic, but generally speaking, a home’s comfort levels comes down to a few key characteristics. Below, we take a look at a few important areas -- make sure all of these things are in check, and you’ll be on your way to added comfort in the house.

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Noise Issues

Everyone inside the house may look and feel great, but if you live in a busy area, and your house receives a lot of noise, then you’ll have issues. First, it’s best to locate from where the noise is coming -- if it’s from the traffic outside, for instance, or from noisy neighbors. The source will influence how you solve the issue. If it’s neighbors, try talking to them -- most people don’t realize how much noise they’re making. If it’s from the streets, then look at soundproofing your property; it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

There’s Too Much Clutter

Our surroundings have a tremendous impact on how we feel. If everything’s chaotic or cluttered, then that’s how our mind is going to feel -- and this, of course, is not going to put us into a relaxing state of mind. So the question is, does your home contribute to a positive, relaxing atmosphere, or make it more difficult? If you have a home cluttered with junk, look at having a clearout. It’s as simple as piling up any items that you haven’t used in the past six months, and visiting this site to have it taken away. It’s much easier to unwind and relax when you live in a calm, spacious environment than one filled with trash.

Outdoor Spaces

Humans weren’t supposed to spend all their time indoors. We belong outside! If you have a yard space but haven’t taken any steps to transform it into an area where you can relax, then you are not making the most of your property. It’s easy enough to do. The bare minimum when it comes to “gardening” will suffice, and after that, it’s all about adding a few simple things, such as a BBQ, outdoor furniture, and a few simple decorations. With those things added, you’ll have another room, essentially, that seriously ups your home’s comfort credentials.

The Senses

Comfort isn’t just about how it affects our mind or whatever -- it’s about how it affects our bodies. For this, it’s all about the senses. If your home is too hot or too cold, then it will not be an enjoyable place to be. Even things like lighting can have a big impact. If it’s too bright and harsh, then you’ll find it difficult to fall into that relaxing state of mind. Look at installing ambient lighting in your home - it’ll transform your home for the better, especially on those cozy Sunday evenings.

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  1. YES! I love these. I'm currently at my parents so it's a bit more hard to declutter but I'm going to do what I can today to make my stay a bit more enjoyable and relaxing. :) Great read!

  2. I have been working on my clutter for years. It feels so good to get rid of some things. For me, it is a slow process, but every bit counts.

  3. Mine is totally not relaxing My son decided to scream nonstop for an hour for no particular reason so you can imagine how I am dying for some silence.

  4. I love these ideas! I lived in a house for nine years that never felt peaceful. It wasn't the noise or the clutter...it was built with such poor Feng shui that the energies in it were never right. When I bought my current house, I looked for one with good Feng shui. We are more influenced by the energies around us than we realize.

  5. This is great stuff to think about. I agree, I've been to friends houses and the vibe is so much more comfy than my own house. I can't wait to make some tweaks to my own home. Thank you!

  6. For my wife and I, clutter is the main culprit. It is impossible for us calm down when the toddler has his toys spread out all over the place.

  7. This was a good thing to think about. I think my home is doing okay by these measures!

  8. Great, great read! For me it’s definitely the clutter I have to focus on. I am a creative and too say my plus messy is an understatement LOL

  9. Too much clutter for sure! Such great points and stuff I need to work on. x

  10. Oh my gosh I love this SO much. We just sold our home and are living in an RV and it definitely is not as relaxing as I wish it were. I cannot wait until we build a house and I can make it more of a sanctuary and less of a stress factor ha ha!

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