Work from home 101: How to set up your home office

Have you ever considered working from home? With the stress brought by the exhausting morning rush and traffic in the country, a lot of individuals have chosen to save time, expense, and energy by just working from their own place like me! I’ve been working from home since 2008 and has been so used to it that I can’t even imagine working elsewhere.

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Although working from home may not be an option for everybody, those who are allowed should consider it because of the benefits such as not having to deal with long hours commuting and saving money on transportation costs. To help you achieve the ideal home office, Eastern Communications, one of the premier telco companies in the Philippines, shares a list of the most important things you should have in your workspace for better productivity.

Dedicated workspace

Having your own workspace can make your day more organized and reduce distractions. While your family members are busy roaming around the house or entertaining guests, you can still be productive if you have a separate and organized space.

Some items to consider for your work space: a work table with drawers or organizers for papers – think about creating a filing system to avoid wasting time searching for papers or loose documents and include portable printer for more convenience on printing your reports. An efficient laptop is also a necessity– make sure that you have the right programs installed for your tasks ahead.

My workspace at home is our old kitchen area. It’s between the living room and the dining room so I can still basically manage the household even when I’m working on something. I can even cook while waiting for files to upload. Talk about multi-tasking, haha!

Adequate light

Most of the time, working from home means using your laptop for hours on end. Various studies have shown that adequate lighting increases people’s work productivity. Take adequate light into consideration in setting up your home office is to avoid headaches or strained eyes due to poor lighting of your room.

Aside from the standard light bulb installed on our ceiling, I made sure that I had my own desk lamp. I always switch it on even at daytime to reduce the glare of my laptop’s and my external monitor’s screen.

Reliable Internet

Having a good internet connection is also a key factor to consider as you will need to be able to respond to emails, upload files or join conference or Skype calls if needed. Having a poor connection – such as one that is slow or one that goes down unexpectedly - can hamper your productivity and affect your ability to respond to officemates and meet deadlines.

So make sure to invest on a good internet connection that is both fast and reliable such as Eastern Communications’ broadband Internet services, an enhanced Internet solution for home offices which uses fiber optic technology that runs on redundant fiber optic links, making the connection more stable and reliable. This can help increase your productivity while working from home with speeds of up to 100 Mbps with lower maintenance cost.

Add some greenery

Although some might consider their home as a happy place, working from home can be as stressful as working in an office. This is why it is also recommended to put a little green plant on your desk for added focus and decoration in your area. Several studies have proven that having a plant on a work desk can reduce stress, improve indoor quality, and might also help you stay productive through the day.

All freelancers or employees, be it in the office or at home, deserve a comfortable workspace to be able to deliver quality work. In case you do consider or are allowed to work from home, take note of the essential factors, set up your own home office, and be the more productive you!

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