Traveling with Young Children: A Guide

Vacations are an exciting time for families, but they can also lead to stress and irritation due to long waiting times and distances. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by car or by plane; there are numerous things to consider before embarking on your journey. Children of different ages also require specific things to keep them occupied, and although older kids might be easier to entertain, that doesn’t mean they are sometimes less irritable than a toddler. Preparing for your travels is a great way to make sure you have everything you need for a car or plane ride. So take a look at some of the ways you can make this process more comfortable for the whole family.

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Road trips

If you’re heading on a long road trip, you might have the element of excitement in the first instance, which can help alleviate the initial stress of traveling. But after the first few hours, this can start to wear off. The beauty of road trips is that you have the choice of pit stops along the way plus you have a bit more room to pack things to keep everyone occupied.

Check out some of the top things to take to beat the boredom:

  • Healthy snacks – eating is a great distraction but avoid sugary treats as this will make kids hyper and irritable on a long journey.
  • Books and DVDs – if you have access to a portable DVD player, this is great for keeping kids entertained. If this isn’t possible, a book might do the trick too.
  • Sit with the children – if you are able to, at some point on the journey get in the backseat with the kids. This can make them feel at ease, plus you can interact with them more easily.
  • Choose toys wisely – toys are excellent for road trips but choosing ones that don’t distract the driver is helpful for a stress-free drive.

Plane rides

If you’re jetting off to sunny climes and have researched where you’re heading to, you’ll be set to head off to the airport on your travels. Compared to road trips, flying can be more stressful as you are stuck in an airport and on a plane for hours without much room to maneuver. With this in mind, children can become stressed and more irritable as the hour’s pass, so take a look at some of the ways to calm them down.

If you have babies or young tots, keep wipes and diapers to hand in case of emergencies.
Take toys onboard – You may have some room for a few small toys in your hand luggage but be sure to avoid noisy ones for the sake of other passengers.
Walk around – you may not have much room but once the seatbelt sign is lifted, have a wander to release some energy.
Use a comforter – Some kids love blankets and comforters to help them relax and sleep, so have one to hand to help them drift off.


Finding the right accommodation can be a turbulent task when you have children. You may worry about staying in a hotel, where your kids could be too noisy, or perhaps you’d feel safer and happier in a private place. If the latter sounds good to you, then you can look for private and secure accommodation options by checking out vacation rental beach guides.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be challenging, and preparing in advance will give you a great start to your vacation. Take your time and see all options available to you before settling on your destination, and most importantly, ensure your kids are comfortable so you and your partner can also relax.

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