5 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Children

When everyone is so busy, it can be easy to spend less time (or no time) with our children than we would like. Long working hours, housework, clubs, and activities; they all take their toll on our family lives. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to spend more time with our children before it’s too late and they’re grown up and moved away. These childhood years are precious, and it’s crucial to make the most of them.

spending time with your kids

Take A Road Trip

A road trip doesn’t have to be a cross-country vacation; it could just be a quick hop down to the store. However long the journey, taking your children with you can give you some extra time together. It may just be a quick errand, but that should still be enough time to talk, hold hands, simply enjoy one another’s company. Sometimes (a lot of the time!) that is what a child wants more than anything. Your time is more precious to them than anything else.

Eat Together

Although it isn’t going to be possible to eat together every day, trying to put time aside at least once or twice a week to have dinner at the same time is a good idea. This is your time to reconnect with your family, to find out how their day went, to celebrate victories and help one another with difficulties. You can tell jokes and stories, make plans, and just be together. If you can all pitch in to help with the cooking that’s even better!

Play Games

Children often don’t want to do anything fancy with you; they don’t need expensive day trips and lots of planning. What they need is to be with you and have your undivided attention. So switch off your cell phone and play some games. Set aside a little time each week to do this, and keep it sacred. Half an hour after school isn’t going to be too much to ask, and it can make a big difference to your relationship, creating a lovely bond. You can play board games or make up your own. Fun Attic has plenty of ideas for you to be getting on with.

Read Together

Reading to your children or, if they are old enough, having them read to you, is a great way to spend time together. It’s not just about the reading either. It all starts with choosing the books (perhaps visiting the library), then discussing them and exploring the themes within them. If you both prefer to read in your heads, that’s fine! Take a book each and sit quietly together. Just being still and relaxed in one another’s company is a good way to spend time with your children, especially if your lives are normally extremely hectic.

Share Family Stories

As times goes on, older generations might be forgotten, so as a parent it is your duty to talk to your children about your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents and share stories about them. It’s important for families to know their history, so look for old photo albums and film, and explain who everyone is. If you truly get interested in discovering more about your past you might even start tracing your family tree together.

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  1. Awww guilty ako. I have 3 kids and youngest is breastfeed, i divided my time sa kanila and the house chores. Totoo yan childhood is important, lagi ko yan iniisp to make their childhood memories happy , memorable. This is such a good read Mommy and a reminder too, i used to play wd them too, tell them stories of our past life, our lovestory, during naptime i make my own fantasy and horror stories and i can see how happy they are. Lately nabawasan gawa ng nag uumpisa na maglikot si youngest pero glad we had our vacation sa Bohol sa hometown ko and i let them play, feel , enjoy the probinsya life. Haysss i feel kulang pa. Thanks for this post dami additional tips na idagdag ko to have moments wd them.


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