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When you look out onto your garden, does it fill you with disappointment? Perhaps it’s overgrown, colorless, boring, or maybe your children’s toys have taken over and you want some grown-up space back? If this sounds a lot like your situation then don’t despair! Here you’ll find some great ideas to help spruce up your garden and make it a place you can all enjoy once again.

home family garden update

Get back some privacy

Neighbours always looking in in your yard? Do you constantly feel watched as soon as you step out into your garden? And do you worry that the neighbors are going to complain at the slightest whiff of a BBQ?

Getting privacy back in your backyard isn’t difficult; in fact, it’s as easy as putting up a new fence! Or if the fence just won’t cut it, then consider investing in some trees or hedgerows. Leyland Cypress from The Tree Center is an ideal way to block out any unwanted eyes and nosey neighbors!

Other ways to increase your privacy would be to install water features to help mask noise from your garden. However, if you have small children around, then always bare water safety in mind.

Color it in

If your garden's lacking in color, buy a colorful wooden planter or two (filled with lovely plants of course) which you can stand them on the patio or on the lawn. It doesn't matter what sort of planter you buy, but raised planters are particularly useful if you're growing delicate flowers or fruit and vegetables as the raised part gives more protection against pests (and any pets).

If you've got old plant pots, you could give them a new lease of life by painting them - go for calm summer pastels or brighter bolder colors.

Shine a light

Garden lighting can add a lot of character to your garden and means you can sit out on the warmer nights. The choice of garden lighting is huge, from battery-operated lamps to solar-powered lights. To save money (and do your bit for the environment), solar-powered lighting is a good option. The variety is immense, from tea lights to lamps, many of which can be staked into the ground (perfect if you don't like DIY).

Alternatively, you can go for energy-efficient bulbs to save on bills if you're looking at non-solar-powered lights. Draping string lights around a plant or over furniture can look lovely in the evenings as well.


Just as adding colorful cushions to the lounge, new towels in the bathroom and different bed linen in the bedroom can change that space, you can update your garden by adding small inexpensive touches such as candle holders for the patio table and new cushions for the patio set. Even a vintage-style watering can, bird bath or a barbecue set can give the garden a more welcoming feel.

If you've got any outdoor metal decorations, give them a new coat of outdoor paint to spruce them up!

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  1. Is that your garden sis? Ang gondoh and spacious, too!!! I really want to spruce up our garden. I am thinking of buying some ornamentals with different colored leaves to replace the ones that died while we were away on a trip. #sniff* I don't like flowers because they're too much to maintain. I am inspired to put more color for variation. :)


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