Make a little extra money: Business start-ups you can do at home!

Do you sometimes worry that your money doesn’t stretch far enough? With the economic outlook and your own expenses, not to mention the bills and the money it costs to keep everyone fed and clothed, it can feel like everything that you earn is gone again within a matter of days!

easy home based business for moms

So why not consider earning a little more. But don’t worry – you won’t need thousands of pounds r a posh office, a flashy car or even address signs from SmartSign! With more of us working fewer hours and with a resulting earnings gap to close, there's arguably never been a better time to set up a business you can run in your spare time from home. Whether it's to help make ends meet, or to follow your passion, or maybe even both - your hobby could be the key to your success? Or just a few extra pounds in your pocket!

Antiques/collectibles dealing

Know your stuff when it comes to certain kinds of collectibles? If so this can be a great way to make money from a hobby. Trading sites such as eBay and even Facebook Marketplace make it easier than ever to reach your target market. If the thought of antiques makes your head spin, then consider things from an era that’s close to your heart. Video games and trading cards, even toys sets from the 80’s and 90’s sell fast!

Biscuit/sweet making

Who doesn’t love real home-baked goods? Homemade biscuits and confectionery can be a great seller. Bake and package them well, and try reselling through a local gift shop, or visit local fetes or check out your local bulletin board and find out when the next table-top sale is on!

Cake making and decorating

Ever popular and a million miles away from your standard 9-5 role If you enjoy baking and have an artistic touch, making and decorating cakes can be a really satisfying way of earning extra money. Whether it’s an old family recipe or a cake you’ve seen online and want to replicate, stunning cakes are always in demand!

Carboot sales

Who doesn’t love a car boot sale? Whether you’re buying or selling, a visit to a carboot was always a popular Sunday excursion. So why not dig out all those things you’ve been shifting around in the loft or in the back of the cupboard and get some cash for them instead? Who knows, you could be sitting on a goldmine!

If you’re really invested in this type of sales, then you could purchase stock to sell there. Gift sets, toiletries, baby clothes etc.

Network sales

From cosmetics to candles, children’s books, cookware, and items strictly for adults only! Network sales is very much a social business activity, so be prepared to spend lots of time meeting and talking to people! No matter which item you choose to sell, you’ll be selling mainly by networking and often through parties in other people's homes, so an outgoing manner and immaculate personal presentation skills are essential!

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