Five Gifts for a New Mom Who is a Football Enthusiast

The mom of an infant has a lot of things on her to-do list to accomplish each day. Giving her a meaningful gift is a wonderful way to show her she is doing a great job as a mom. If she’s a football fan, it’s even easier to find a gift she will cherish. Look at five gift ideas for a new mom who loves professional football.


The mom of a baby can always use a few new blankets. Blankets can be used for cuddling the baby while nursing, giving the baby warmth in his or her crib or put on the floor for tummy time. A soft blanket is excellent for soothing a baby and calming it after a lot of activity. In short, a warm blanket would be a welcome gift. However, a blanket decorated with the logo of her favorite professional football team would be even more appealing. She would have an item that is both useful and decorative.

Lining for the Baby’s Car Seat

The lining of a baby’s car seat serves as a soft barrier between the baby and the plastic of the seat. Every mom must have a car seat for her baby, so why not get a fabric lining featuring the colors of her favorite football team? Every time she puts the baby in his or her car seat, she will remember her thoughtful friend with the great taste in gifts. A washable lining for her baby’s car seat is a unique gift she won’t be expecting.

A Colorful Poster

A poster of a player on her beloved football team or one that features the entire team would be a great addition to the décor of her nursery. This is a non-traditional gift that will help her convey her love of her football to her young child. If you want to make the gift even better, put the poster in a nice frame so she can move it around to different places on the nursery walls. After her baby outgrows the nursery, she can put it in her room or office.

Baby Clothing

An item of baby clothing is another thoughtful gift to a new mom. For example, if she is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, look for a selection of Steelers apparel featuring onesies, pajamas, jackets and more. She can dress her baby in his or her football gear every time she goes to the grocery store or out on other errands!

A Fun Toy

A bobblehead, an action figure or a small doll are all fun toys for a new mom to incorporate into the décor of her baby’s nursery. She could add to her collection of toys as the child grows. Once the child reached a certain age, he or she may want to play with some of the toys. A toy relating to her favorite football team would surely brighten the décor of her nursery.

Finally, getting a football-related gift for a new mom will tell her how special she is to you. You remembered her interest in football and went to the trouble of finding a gift she would appreciate.

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