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Many of my friends abroad have often observed that we Filipinos eat socially. Food is always meant to be shared in occasions that we consider important. As a mom, I’ve always tried to create menus that cater to everybody in the family. However, bigger parties always leave me stumped for choices (not to mention the manpower needed to pull it off) and that meant I have to rely on caterers to do the deed.

With parties, my family doesn’t leave it all to chance. We rely only on the ones that are not only affordable but gives us a peace of mind during the event. With our youngest brother getting married next year, we are looking at Hizon’s Catering to satisfy us and our friends. Since 1987, they have been the go to caterer of events that can range from simple and casual to formal and lavish. Although based in Metro Manila, they can go as far as Subic, Batangas, and Rizal and can cater from 50 to 15,000 guests. We have a big family and lots of friends so I’m pretty confident they can pull this December wedding in Bulacan.

Joseph Hizon, Hizon’s Catering General Manager, assigns an event planner per client to get down to the nitty gritty details (decor, hotel, bridal car, entertainment, sound system, wedding cake, etc.) as an added service, no markups involved. Their package start at PHP 450.00. I’m not that meticulous with details but as a big sister, I want everything to be perfect. Not a bad deal for someone like me who doesn’t want instant food or flavoring in their catered food.

Hizon’s Catering’s 4-in-1event at the Oasis Manila’s Pavilion invited bloggers recently to see their range of expertise. They featured a formal and elegant wedding set-up, a circus themed children’s party, a glamorous awards night, and a corporate seminar. These were all deliciously made by chef Simon Dayit’s kitchen team and each event creatively styled by Drew Manor. The event is made possible by Oasis Manila, Advent Light and Sounds, Sentimental Groove Band, Bars Datiles Design Props, Star Balloon, Enzuno Cakes, the Photoman, Keon Salon, Jerome Yu LED Projector, and the amazing Myra Lorenzo who facilitated the program.

There was a formal and elegant wedding setup first. There was a buffet layout of Trufle Mushroom soup and Peach Mango salad with Walnuts and Smoked Salmon. The mains included reminded me of earth, sea, and sky: Baked Fish Stuffed with Spinach and Tomato, Beef Salpicao with Grilled Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes, and Chicken Sambal. There was also a carvery that offered melt in your mouth Slow-roasted Beef with Hickory BBQ Sauce and Classic Mushroom Gravy and the crowd favorite, Thrice-cooked Pork Belly with Cilantro Salsa. Perfectly filling after the wedding!

The children’s circus themed party was a feast. My very playful niece from Australia’s celebrating her birthday in the Philippines and I’m sure she will love the Bacon-wrapped Hotdogs with Sweet BBQ sauce and French Fries with Thousand Island dressing. There are also mini Pizza, Nachos, and Red Velvet cupcakes.

The most glamorous setup is like an after party awards night. There’s the red carpet, paparazzis, and overflowing hor d'oeuvres such as Tempura rolls, Argentinian Steak and Candied Bacon canapes, Tomato and Basil Confit in skewers, Crispy Beef Ssam Fresh spring rolls, and  Smoked Salmon Caviar creme pops. There was also a dessert bar that displayed Vanilla Creme brulee, Sunken Island, Peach Egg tart, Flourless Chocolate cake, and a very delicious Mango Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Quite the opposite were the no frills section of the corporate seminar set in the morning. There was an omelette cooking section where you can make your own omelette with different fillings: mushroom, ham, cheese, tomato, onion, bell pepper, bacon, shrimp, olives, chicken pesto, and spinach. It is paired with baskets of baguette and foccacia bread. Refreshments included coffee and tea.

Would I have enjoyed it? That’s an understatement. I LOVE IT already just looking at the photos. I don’t think I can pull it off by myself though, as these guys are professionals at what they do best. Hizon’s Catering can make any event happen without a glitch. By the way, they’re also accredited by a lot of venues in the Metro. For more details, do visit their website www.hizonscatering.com, email your inquiries at info@hizonscatering.com, or better yet call (02) 925-0103 or (02) 925-0107.

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