Conzace, The Ace Up Ian’s Sleeve

It may sound bakya to some people but when I can, I try to watch the latest teleseryes, especially if they feature actors or characters that I can relate to in real life. When I was young, I would keep my glued on TV for Mula sa Puso or Pangako Sa’yo. They made me sympathise with the characters and at the same time feel relieved that my life isn’t that bad compared to the main protagonist’s.

One such favourite actor that I love watching on TV is Ian Veneracion. I remember him when he was my childhood crush when he played Joey de Leon’s son in Joey and Son. I know he’s older than me but he doesn’t seem to age that much. In fact, when he played in the remake of Pangako Sa’yo as Eduardo Buenavista, I fell in love with him again. Moreso when he was cast as Engr. Anton Noble! Who wouldn’t? He’s not just an actor, he’s also a painter, an athlete, a pilot, a chef, and admirably, a family man. I can just imagine how busy his schedule can get.

Just recently, United Laboratories (UNILAB) made him a brand ambassador for Conzace the most prescribed multivitamin and mineral brand in the country. Mike Jimenez, Conzace assistant brand manager says he is “...the epitome of superior immunity and good looks,” I think that’s an understatement: he’s ageless. This product is literally an ACE up his sleeve (Antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E is paired with Zinc for immunity). Meanwhile, according to the Ian himself, health manifests from the inside out. He doesn’t just want to look good, he really puts value on being healthy so that he can do more for himself, his family, and his life’s work.

Compared to other multivitamins, Conzace has the highest levels of ZACE combined. All these elements play different roles in one’s well-being. This unique formulation in Conzace creates a synergistic effect that is clinically proven to help boost immunity, promote healthy skin and hair, and assist in wound healing as it speeds up skin regeneration.

At this point in my life, I think that like Ian, I'm putting extra effort on being healthier as I age. I believe that Conzace can help me reach this goal.

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