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My husband and I are advocates of financial literacy. You can say that we have learned so much from relatives and friends who have failed to prepare for theirs and their children's future. Honestly, I don't want our son to be bothered about providing for us when we retire. My dream is for him to graduate medical school without financial worries and to travel the world. To achieve this, we bought stock market shares, invested in mutual funds , and got ourselves accident, health, and life insurance plans . Praning daw, sabi ng ibang kakilala. Yes, partly. But I believe that it's better to be prepared than sorry.

I was privileged to have been invited to be a part of an intimate group of media people who met with Philam Life CEO Mr. Aibee Cantos and the company's Head of the Agency Strategy Office, Mr. Stephen Segismundo, during Philam Life's Philam Strong event, the agency's transformatiional recruitment program launch. During the discussion, Mr. Cantos shared how the insurance industry grew by 20.56% at Php 1.29 trillion during the first half of 2016 alone. Yet, penetration and insurance ownership rates are still on the low side. Filipinos lack insurance awareness and still have inadequate financial literacy as evident in the low penetration rate only 1.75% in the past 6 years, the lowest in the ASEAN region which has an average of 3.4%

So what's keeping Filipinos from investing in insurances? I've been on that side of the fence before and I can say that many Pinoys have this fear that insurance companies will close and run off with their hard-earned money. In my opinion, the  best work around is to choose wisely. Choose the insurance company that has been in the industry for decades, has a proven track record, has attractive and investment-worthy products, and has well-trained and properly equipped financial advisors such as Philam Life. How do I know? Isn't it obvious that I'm a proud and happy Philam Life policy owner?

Philam Life already has numerous investment-worthy products but they are still looking for more financial advisors to spread financial literacy to Filipinos. Currently, the company is beefing up its recruitment campaign, therefor launching their Transformational Recruitment Program. There are already 7,000 Philam Life Financial Advisors to date and the company target is to double this number by the end of 2016.

The career of a financial advisor has become an attractive career option because it has the highest possibility of maintaining work-life balance - achieving one's ambition and, at the same time, making a positive difference to other people's lives. One need not worry about the usual obstacles of the job because Philam Life makes sure that new financial advisors will be provided with the right tools via targeted development programs. Financial advisors and agency leaders work from the conforts of their own interactive mobile office called IMO which is an app they can use to plan their business, recruit, monitor, and manage  sales activity. There's also this innovation called IPoS, the interactive iPad-based and paperlesss point of sale system that aids financial advisors to do financial needs  analysis, present product options, and receive applications and payments in one sitting. Lastly, there's GENESIS  that offers end-to-end training and development program that fast tracks the journey of Philam Life financial advisors to becoming premium agency leaders and elite members of the company's global Milion Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Club.

And aside from having a strong brand name, new financial advisors will not have a hard time introducing their innovative products. Some of these are Philam Vitality, the country's first  only full-scale wellness program rewarding its customers for making healthy choices (read about it HERE) and Future Scholar, the first hybrid education plan that gives guaranteed benefits while offering long-term growth potential that will help parents maximize their savings for their children's college fund. Customers are also automatically attracted to the company because of its tech-savvy one-stop-shop office called SPARK, and its convenient online customer portal called ePlan.

If you're interested to sign up as a Philam Life Financial Advisor, visit Philamlife.com or fb.com/PhilamLifeAIA, or ccall (02)528-5-10 for more information.

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