New Things To Do And Places To Be In Boracay

The last time the boys and I have been to Boracay was way back in April 2005. I'm sure that a lot has changed since then so I felt that it's time for us to go back. This time, however, it would only be the husband and myself, in celebration of our 17th wedding anniversary this coming January.

Rap at four years old (April 2005)
We're staying during the Ati-Atihan Fiesta weekend. Good thing I was able to book inexpensive flights going to Boracay. We'll still stay at Pearl of the Pacific and use our timeshare privileges.
So back in 2005, since we were travelling with a five-year old, our activities were limited to island hopping, snorkeling, eating out, and swimming in the beach or in the resort pool. I'm sure there are now more fun and exciting activities to do in Boracay compared to 2005 so I'm doing my research as early as now. Below is a list of what I gathered so far.
  • A visit to the Boracay Crown Regency Oceanarium that houses the King Pearl, the world's largest pearl. We could spend an afternoon there walking through the underwater tunnel or chill in the Ocean Bar over pica-pica and cocktails.
  • Cliff diving because why not? Haha! I'm still not sure of this but I am teaching myself to be more adventurous so yeah. There's a platform anyway, just in case I chicken out.
  • Roll down the hill in a Zorb! That would be really awesome and I think this is easier than cliff diving, yes?
  • Try out Standup Paddling. I don't surf and I think I'd be lighter by Jauary  so the paddle will float, LOL! And this is really something new. I don't see an activity like this being offered in any of the beaches near Manila.
  • Forget and flush dieting at Boracay Toilet Restaurant. My brother went here the last time they visited the island and I think it is really cool to eat while seating on the toilet.
  • Have some tea and calamansi muffins at Real Coffee Tea Cafe. I read that the calamansi muffins here are to die for. I'm actually planning to buy some boxes for pasalubong.
My list is kinda short, I know. So if you have any other suggestions, do let me know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Grabe ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Oceanarium, toinks! Mapuntahan nga :)


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