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Our talk series at The Feast this September entitled, "Whole Again," is focused on healing the body, mind, and heart. Of the talks in this series, what especially touched me was "Talk 3: Heart." From the said talk, I learned the importance of putting more love in my calendar. That it would heal my inner being if I set regular dates with the people in my life.

It does make sense, right? A person who's surrounded with love is a happy person. A happy person is a healthy person. As Bro. Bo  Sanchez said, "love is your food!"

Here's how I put more love in my calendar:

Fridays and Sundays are reserved for my boys

Since my son stays in his school dormitory on school days, I make it a point that I'm present on Fridays to pick him up and I'm also available on Sundays to personally bring him back to his dorm.

Friday nights and Sunday lunches/dinners are the times when we get to converse about the week's happenings. Oftentimes, we choose a place that's new so we can try it out. And when Friday night traffic bad, we wait it out at a coffee or donut shop which means more catch up chika time.

Saturday nights and Sunday mornings are reserved for the Lord

I serve full-time in the Media and Events Ministry of The Feast Rizal. My husband and son are also serving with me in the ministry. Serving the Lord through The Feast has given me fulfillment and happiness that I haven't felt in a while. The blessings my family receive are also overflowing! Best of all, we gained an extended loving family - our brothers and sisters in the Light of Jesus Family. More love, more happiness, more health!

This is just part of our growing family of servants at The Feast Valley Fair Town Center - Taytay.
While Saturdays and Sundays are service days for me at The Feast, I also spend time with God daily through reading Bible devotionals in the morning. That's when I get to talk to Him more and listen to what He has to say.

Thursday is The Grasyas Day

I know I have written about my closest girlfriends, my Grasyas girls, Jen, Camille, and Iris. We have been friends since 2008 I think, when I started attending blog events. But it was only in 2012 when we became so close and called ourselves The Grasyas after we all stayed in the Grasyas room of the Nurture Spa for a blog event.

Thursdays have now become our default catch-up day because we all need to go to the  Diana Stalder Centre. Iris, Camille, and I need to be weighed in weekly as part of our Ideal Protein diet program and Jen has her beauty treatments scheduled on the same day. I am recharged every time I meet the girls because of the unlimited laughter we share.

Mid-week and some weekends are occasional dates with Mama

When my older sister and her family left for Australia last year, I felt that it was now my responsibility to take care of my mom. But since I have a place of my own with the boys, I just make it a point to visit my mom at least twice a month. She loves dining out so, after church, we would usually meet somewhere for a quick lunch and chit chat over coffee or milk tea after. Just recently, she celebrated her 66th birthday, so I reserved the whole day for our exclusive girl date. Yep, no boys allowed! Just us.

We had her birthday lunch at Italianni's and boy was she a happy gal! She really digs Italian food and I bet she misses the lunches she had with her colleagues back when she was still with Asian Development Bank. Then, after lunch, we both had a full body massage and a mani-pedi session after.

So you see, putting love in your calendar isn't difficult at all. I believe that no matter how busy you can be with work, there can still be some slots in your schedule that you can use to deepend your connections. Go do it now! Stop starving yourself from love and live and happier and healthier life!

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