The Best Activities for Kids While Staying in a Cabin

Renting a cabin for a weekend or a full week is a great way to spend some time with your kids without the distractions of the modern world getting in the way. While some cabins come with a television and DVD player, you can easily remove those electronics during your stay or find one that lacks those amenities. Though your kids might whine and complain a little when you first get there, sharing some fun activities with them will give them memories they'll want to share in the future.


Depending on where you stay, you might spend an entire day or longer fishing with your kids. Broken Bow cabins have a convenient location near Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park, but you'll find other cabins available for rent inside or near state parks. You can try fly fishing right in the water, or you can rent a boat and head further out on the lake. If your kids love the water but aren't fond of fishing, look for local companies that let you rent kayaks, canoes and other boats by the hour or by the day.


One of the best ways to enjoy the nature that surrounds you is with a simple hike. Many cabin rental companies can provide you with maps that show you some of the closest hiking trails. You'll find longer trails designed for experts and shorter trails for beginners. If you decide to hike through the woods without a map, bring plenty of supplies and stay aware of your surroundings. Look for a nature guide specific to the region before your hike. You and your kids can have fun looking for the plants and animals that are native to that area on your hike.

Late Night Fun

After the sun sets, you can have even more fun. Bring along glass jars with lids that have holes in the top for catching the fireflies that light up the night's sky. If your cabin comes with a fire ring, you can sit outside and roast marshmallows and cook hot dogs as you tell ghost stories to the older kids and jokes to the younger kids. Your children may have so much fun that they beg to sleep outside. Before renting a cabin and heading off with your family, plan some activities you can do together like fishing and hiking.

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