Grooming tips for men

The times have changed. In the past, it was women's grooming essentials that were normally advertised both in print and television. Nowadays, I see a lot of men's grooming products in the market. It just shows that present day gentlemen have become more and more conscious of how they look. In fact, my husband and son now ask me to buy their hair gel, shaving kit, and facial cleansers. They have their own grooming routines, as well.

Guys, this is not being vain at all, if you ask me. I actually like it when a man is kempt. But a man doesn't necessarily need to have a personal grooming assistant or spend a fortune for this task. Here is a grooming guide of sorts for men that's surely simple and practical.

  1. Have a regular haircut. It's easier to remember for my boy because his school has this monthly inspection thingy. So when it's time for him to visit the barber, my husband comes along and has his hair cut, too. My tip, have your hair cut on a weekday or weeknight when it is not too crowded.
  2. Not all hair products are the same.  Hair products differ because there are also different hair types. for instance. My husband has wavier hair and hair gel works best for him. My boy, meanwhile, prefers using wax.
  3. Wash and moisturize your face every day. This has been initially my problem with my boys because I couldn't sleep in peace when I don't wash my face and put on moisturizer. My son realized the value of what I was nagging about when acne started coming out. My husband, meanwhile, finally saw the fine lines on his face that he didn't see before and agreed that he does need to moisturize.
  4. Manage your facial hair. Personally, I prefer clean versus unshaven. You won't even need to have this done at the barbers. A cheap disposable shave and shaving cream can do wonders.
  5. Long finger and toe nails are not cool. The best time to cut your nails is after a shower so the nails become softer (especially the toenails).
Hope you find this quick list handy!

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