Boom Boom Pow the 10 Everyday Tough Bad Smells with Downy

I hate malodors. I think it's natural for moms to be sensitive to bad smells, especially when it comes to clothes don't you think? Smelly clothes spell disaster and I feel other people might think I'm not taking care of my family when their clothes are smelly. This is precisely how Downy became my partner in combating malodors.

Last week, Downy held a "malodor challenge" among mommy celebrities and media by holding a cooking demonstration event with Chef JP Anglo as it introduces its best formulation in fabric softener which helps fight against 10 tough smells on clothes for longer lasting freshness. Dubbed #DownyBoomBoomPow, the campaign invites people to identify the tough malodors they face in their daily routines and prove that the newest Downy innovation is the solution to these dilemmas.

Before the event, we were given an apron to wear during the cooking demonstration, which was supposedly pre-washed with the latest Downy fabric softener. Chef JP exclusively prepared several everyday Pinoy dishes which emit strong odors, such as Grilled Vietnamese Pork Belly and Sizzling Sinigang Fried Chicken with Batwan Gravy, plus the special dish of Grilled Bangus with Talangka and Burong wrapped in Banana Leaves intended to really put Downy to the malodor challenge. After enjoying these delicious dishes, we were asked to inspect our aprons for any tough smells which might have stuck to it such as food smell, sweat, and smoke. To our surprise, the aprons were as fresh and clean as ever - effectively demonstrating the effective malodor removal and freshening benefit of Downy's best ever formula! Here's a video of the event prepared by my fellow Grasyas, Iris Acosta of

In a recent survey on malodors, the top 10 tough malodors on clothes are:

  • vehicle exhaust
  • cigarette smoke
  • smoke from burning garbage
  • sweat and body odor
  • wet socks
  • kulob
  • fried fish
  • barbecue
  • garlic
  • onions

The newest technology from Downy softener contains the breakthrough Malodor Removal Technology which does not just “mask” malodor with aromatic ingredients, but effectively eliminates tough malodors which stick to clothes completely.. This prevents the odor-causing material from being released again. The Perfume Micro Capsules, which are spread and embedded on fabric while washing, will help bring back the refreshing fragrance on clothes. Together, the Malodor Removal Technology and the Perfume Micro Capsules harmoniously work to help neutralize all tough smells and create longer lasting fragrant smells on clothes every time the fabrics are rubbed.

This innovative product formulation is also complemented with modern and colorful product packaging for all five Downy fragrances – Sunrise Fresh (for quick drying, even indoors), Antibac (to keep germs away for the whole family), Garden Bloom (for wonderful floral freshness), Single Rinse (for quick rinsing with less water), and Baby Gentle (for the safety of sensitive baby skin).

Boom boom everyday malodors and power up with freshness with the best ever formula from Downy - now available in supermarkets nationwide. More information can be found on facebook/downyphilippines or follow the conversation online with the #DownyBoomBoomPow hashtag.

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