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When you are putting together a stage production, it is essential that the right caster be used. Casters that are too noisy can be distracting to the audience, and using the wrong caster can actually be dangerous. Here are some of the most common theater casters used in theatre production.

Rigid Casters

Rigid casters are the most basic. They consist of a frame with wheels that goes in a singular direction.

Swivel Casters

These consist of a mounting plate and then an additional mounting plate with a bearing so that direction may be changed. These are universally renowned for working very well.


These types of casters are either loved or hated, there is no middle ground on the opinions that people have for these. They tend to be very loud, so doing a revolve with these are not recommended.

In addition to casters, do not forget that you will need to use an appropriate braking system. If you are on a budget, a block of wood wedged beneath the wheel works wonderfully for all types of casters. A barrel bolt works well if you own the stage, and you do not mind drilling into the floor. There are also more expensive options like De-Sta-Co toggle clamps and wagon brakes. These are more of an investment than some production companies would like to take on, so they are not for everyone.

Make sure the company you are buying the casters from has a wide selection to choose from. This is indicative of a deep knowledge of the product. A company like Access Casters that offers theatre production products in a full-service fashion would be your best bet. Ask the salespeople for their advice when pairing casters with the wagons or carts that you will be using.

Whatever casters you choose to use, please make sure that all necessary staff are trained to use them in the proper manner. As with all things in life, safety is the biggest concern. A quality product may cost you more in the present, but it will save you so much more in the long run.

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  1. Reading about these casters makes me think of the new show Roadies. It's so intriguing how these little devices keep shows moving.

  2. Sounds like a reliable caster, perfect for theaters and all that. I think it's important to have something like this especially if you're planning to have a big production!

  3. This is really good info.I'm not familiar with stage equipment so this is helpful.

  4. These casters make complete sense when attempting to move something large in my house. I may have to look into getting some. I never thought about it until now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I never heard about this before but it looks amazing, I need to check this

  6. Casters are nice. We used some at home for a messy-free flooring. We used it for some heavy appliances like fridge at home.

  7. These look like nice castors. I'm not sure that I would have a use for them in my house.

  8. This is a nice stuff. I want to put it in our ref so it won't be difficult to move.


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