Date Night: Oishinbo at Little Tokyo

When our son was still in grade school, busy evenings for me are normal. I can't even cook dinner and had to delegate it to the help because I would usually be upstairs in Ralph's room as we study and do his projects together. Now that he's staying in the dormitory, my evenings are more relaxed.And just lately, the husband and I have started going out on weekly date nights. Yes, nag-date kami! (insert kilig grin here, haha!).

I've read in numerous marriage advice books and articles that regular date nights are a must for any married couple regardless of how long they have been married already. It gives each other an opportunity for romance and communication. It's also a stress reliever and a break for the norm. Most importantly, it strengthens a couple's commitment to the marriage.

Date nights need not be grand or expensive. What's important is the fun and bonding that is achieved from the activity. You know what? We didn't even realize that we were already having a weekly date night until this dinner that we had at Oishinbo, haha! Nagkataon lang that my events in the past weeks were scheduled mid-week so I shared a ride with my husband going home. Ayun na! Dinner time before going home became our date night.

Our date night at Oishinbo was expensive, though! I was craving for authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi and had only one place in mind -- Little Tokyo in Makati. Guess I'm just a spoiled wife that my husband easily gave in to my whim! Haha! At siya ang nagbayad, ha! (We split the bill nowadays, LOL!)

5-Kind Sashimi (Php 840)
Oishinbo is one of the restaurants in the inner section of Little Tokyo. We arrived here  by chance because of first-choice was jampacked with customers and I didn't want to sit in the bar. As you can see, we only ordered sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Boy, we were so full after that! I didn't expect the serving to be so large. The reason we ordered the "5-kind" platters was because we thought the pieces would be bite-size, just like what we would normally see in other Japanese restaurants and buffet places.

5-Kind Sushi (Php 690)
In the blogs I read, restaurants in Little Tokyo have their own specialties. For Oishinbo, it was yakitori. But I wasn't craving for it nga so we didn't bother to order. Anyway, what we ate exceeded our expectation. I must say that, if you really want to feast on the best sushi and sashimi in town, you gotta go to Little Tokyo. Any place in it will do! The restaurant owners are Japanese, most of the cooks are Japanese, and the seafood that they use here for their sushi and sashimi are imported from Japan.

Shrimp Tempura (Php 390)
I'm looking forward to more date nights with my love. Our date nights gave me something to look forward to every week. I encourage you to have date nights, too. I'll be sharing most of our date nights here on the blog. I'd love to read about yours, too!

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