Our Five Core Filipino Values and Krem-Top's Change for the Better Pilipinas Campaign

And we're down to the last few weeks of 2014! I'm sure most of you are preparing your New Year's resolutions already. These past years, "dieting" and "more excercise time" have been the suki New Year's resolutions in my list. Sounds familiar? LOL!

So how about we change those to include the traits that we Filipinos are truly known for so we can contribute in the betterment of our nation? This is what Alaska Krem-Top's latest "Change for the Better" campaign for is all about.

Started in 2012, the "Change for the Better" campaign is a call to action for people to commit and sustain the change to become better individuals, not just during the turn of the year but all throughout the year and beyond. The campaign has grown from being a personal call to change to being nationalistic as the mission is not just on one’s self anymore but on the entire nation as the Filipino spirit has been put into tests with the onslaught of recent calamities in the recent past.

At the recent "Change for the Better" Bloggers Conference, Dr. Mina Ramirez of the Asian Social Institute identified 5 Filipino Core Values that make Filipinos stand out from the rest. Definitely, when practiced daily, these values can make our country better.

Based on Dr. Ramirez’s study “The Filipino Worldview and Values” and her insights from decades of practice as a phenomenological sociologist, here are the Five Core Filipino Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino:
  1. Mapagpasalamat - Filipinos are naturally positive and we were smiles on our faces even in the most depressing situations. We always say, "Salamat sa Diyos (Thank God)" and we also do not forget to return the favor to people who have done good deeds to us.
  2. Matatag - Filipinos have this innate strength and firmness even in the midst of hardships. We are able to fight and endure obstacles for the sake of our loved ones.
  3. Masigasig - Again, for our families and loved ones, we strive hard to achieve abundance. A perfect example of this trait would be the Overseas Filipino Workers who work hard abroad so their families can have a better life.
  4. Mapagmalasakit - Filipinos do not only care for their family but also for their friends, neighbors, and communities. We are naturally compassionate and we keep the bayanihan spirit alive especially in times of calamities.
  5. Magalang - We are known to give respect to our elders with the words po and opo and through pagmamano (kissing of the hand). Our language itself is also respectful because it does not have any gender bias. Examples would be the words kapatid (brother / sister) or asawa (husband / wife) or biyenan (father-in-law / mother-in-law) or anak (son / daughter) which do not manifest differences in gender.
“Filipinos may be hard pressed at times, but in general, we are rich. We are rich in natural resources; we are rich in our people. If we can just get to know more ourselves clearly and use our values to our advantage, we will become a better nation. It’s time to change for the better,” said Dr. Ramirez.

Alaska Milk Corporation’s Vice President for Marketing and Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign lead, Blen Fernando, is optimistic that this project will help create awareness about the need to keep or enrich or restore these core values of Filipinos. “We hope that Krem-Top’s Change for the Better campaign will inspire us to be the better version of ourselves for the benefit of our families and our country. The public can count on our continued support to champion the Filipino spirit that will help make us a better and stronger nation.”

For more information about Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign, visit www.facebook.com/AlaskaKremTop or follow @kremtopPH on Twitter.

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