Ralph's in a high school band!

The years we spent in sending Ralph to the Center for Pop Music and his one-on-one piano lessons with Teacher Pauline has finally paid off! Wohoo! My boy finally found the courage to unleash his inner rockstar!
Special thanks to Leo Orpilla for these awesome photos!

Ralph is singing for Halcyon, his high school band. He's performing with his batchmates in Pisay and these photos are from the Battle of the Bands school affair that they joined. I can say these kids are pretty good. No, they're REALLY GOOD and I'm not just writing this because my boy is there. All the kids play instruments and everyone can sing. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone can write songs, too.

I can't wait to watch them perform again in November. I hope that, by that time, I can have the budget to buy my boy's dream guitar (wish it was just the affordable music man guitar). Updates soon. And a video on the next post, I promise!

Stage momma as always!

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