The 24-Hour Mommy: Be touching-moment ready with Joy with a Touch of Olay

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Be touching-moment ready with Joy with a Touch of Olay

7:45 PM

When we were still kids, my siblings and I follow a dishwashing schedule. I hated it when it's my turn to wash the dishes. I still do up to now. I hate washing the dishes because it always leaves my hands dry and rough. I would rather cook and bake just to have an official excuse not to wet my hands after.

This time though, I think I'll enjoy washing the dishes using Joy with a Touch of Olay. First thing I noticed about it is it's scent. It's a given that it would smell like Olay, right?

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla washes dishes with Joy with a Touch of Olay

But what makes it even more appealing for women like me is the fact that it has Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps repair skin and nourish it by locking in moisture. So that's what Joy with a Touch of Olay does, moisturizing our hands while still retaining its superior grease-fighting power.

Obligatory celebrity souvenir shot. LOL!
Feel the difference that Joy with a Touch of Olay makes in your dishwashing routine. Your housework will never be the same again and you will always be "touching-moment ready."

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