Why Have Concierge Services Sprung Up?

Internet, subscription television and social media companies have the worst customer satisfaction index of any in the country. Customers are pretty much at the mercy of the few companies that do exist, which is why they can stay in business despite their poor customer service ratings. Consumers have to be vigilant to get the services best suited to their needs. Terminology and specifics in a service provider’s contract can be confusing. This brings us to the need for a concierge. We usually think of concierge in relation to a hotel stay. The premise of the hotel concierge is the whole idea behind a concierge to assist you in your home with such details as trying to deal with companies poor in customer service.
The concierge service takes over to deal with those details at which they have developed an expertise. They are especially useful in a move across the road, town, county, state or country. The concierge company will work with all the service companies in your new locale to get your home fitted with services customized to fit your needs, not a generic blend of what the company supposes you want.

The concierge can keep you up-dated to any new service company developments in your area. For instance, your internet provider may not offer the fastest speeds or latest up-grades in technology. A concierge company has to keep up with technological advances of companies throughout the country as they help people with their services. If DirecTV internet service is the best in the area, then the concierge knows it before almost anyone else in town. Service providers stop trying to entice you with special offers once they have you committed to a contract. They will; however, want to keep the concierge informed of all system upgrades and promotions in their constant bid for a percentage of the market share.

Kandela is an example of a concierge company that can make your move as effortless as possible in setting up new media, energy and phone services for you. This amenity could have your home technology ready before you even arrive! Click here to learn more about Kandela.

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