MyPhone Agua Iceberg, My New Blogging Companion

When I know that I'll have to work "on the go, " I would prep my battle gear consisting of a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPad 2, a Blackberry Curve handset, and a Samsung Corby. I also recently bought a Cool Master power bank that's as heavy as my Blackberry and Corby combined. Just imagine how heavy my bag is. Hindi mananakaw sa sobrang bigat!

I felt the need to ditch the Tab because I have the iPad, anyways. Besides, since it was bought it 2010, its specs were already slow for my requirements. I wanted to replace it with a dual sim phone so I can also get rid of the Corby and further lighten my load. My blogger friends, Iris ( and Jennie ( are already proud owners of MyPhone handsets, and I noticed how durable their units are so I scouted a MyPhone for myself, too. That was in the last week of July, the same time when MyPhone launched the Agua Iceberg.

So, here it is, my first ever MyPhone handset, the MyPhone Agua Iceberg. A warning though, I'm not really a gadget reviewer so this post will mostly talk about the features I love about my new blogging companion.

I bought this unit last week and took advantage of the 0% interest installment promo at the Automatic Centre in Eastwood Mall. Since my credit card is HSBC, I got it for Php 999/month for 12 months (Php 11,988). BPI and RCBC card owners can buy it at 0% interest on a 24-month installment plan and the promo is only until Aug. 31, 2013. The offer can also be availed at Automatic Centre Gateway.

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Included in the box is the Quick Start Guide manual, the MyPhone MyApps guide, a charger and the headset with extra in-ear buds. I read comments in other Agua Iceberg write-ups that this box sports a sleeker design compared to the boxes of the earlier MyPhone units.

Here's a quick peek of its awesome specs:

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Tagged as a phablet (phone + tablet), the MyPhone Agua Iceberg's body measures around 6" x 3" which is just slightly smaller than my former Samsung Galaxy Tab. I really wanted a new phone that's not too small because I have problems typing on a small touchscreen phone. At 220g, it's not that heavy either. Best of all, its 5.7" HD IPS display screen is protected with the tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2.

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But what really made me fall for the MyPhone Agua Iceberg, other than it having a 1.2GHz quad core processor, are its 12-megapixel autofocus rear camera and its 5-megapixel front camera. Picture quality has really been my frustration with my former tablet. For a blogger like me, a powerful camera phone makes blogging and social network sharing easier.

2013-08-08 22.00.17
Shot with the MyPhone Agua Iceberg front camera (stock) with flash.
In fairness, the stock camera takes great photos and even has editing options to make photos look even better.
2013-08-12 MyPhone Agua Iceberg 02

Taking selfie shots hasn't been this easier with the stock camera app's Smile feature. When selected, the camera autofocuses and shoots when it detects the subject's smile.


2013-08-10 Clyde's Birthday
Tiki thought it was a game so she never stopped smiling for the camera, LOL!
This is shot with the front cam, by the way.
There are also fun features for video shooting. Sorry, I can't post the video I took of my husband's "big eyes" here, hahaha!

2013-08-12 MyPhone Agua Iceberg 06

The MyPhone Agua Iceberg also has the Clever Motion feature that's similar with O+'s Air Shuffle technology.

2013-08-12 MyPhone Agua Iceberg 13

Most importantly, it has the Theft Apprehension & Asset Recovery Application (TARA) that enables owners to call/text the hotline to disable or wipe out the data of their phones in case of theft. It will even sound off its alarm ("Magnanakaw!") even if the device is set to silent mode. How cool is that?

2013-08-12 MyPhone Agua Iceberg 07

Other people may have a problem with its storage, though. It only has 16 GB internal storage and no micro SD support. I found a solution for that with the help of this CD-R King micro USB adapter. With this nifty 50 peso device, I can easily plug in a flash drive or even my 500 GB external hard drive to unload/load files to and from the phone's internal storage. Problem solved!

2013-08-12 14.08.04
Shot in macro mode with light coming from a desk lamp.

It's already been a week of using the MyPhone Agua Iceberg and I really am satisfied with its performance. I just wish that protective cases and other accessories for the Iceberg will be made available in MyPhone concept stores and kiosks soon.

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  1. Whoa! I hope you can also feature MyPhone's A919i if it's any good.

  2. Cool review. I'm also happy with my Iceberg. Especially with the Google Calendar widget, I was able to organize my meetings. :D This is truly a smart phone. It's not smart to buy an expensive high-end phone when you can have this instead. :D


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