Dressing up according to your pregnancy body type

Pregnant mothers are lucky nowadays that there are more trendier and fashionable maternity dresses than it was a decade ago. In choosing maternity clothes, however, moms should keep in mind their pregnancy body types.

Did you know that there are 4 pregnancy body types? That explains why there are some styles that just won't look good on some preggy moms. Baby Center has listed all these. Read on to find out how to dress up according to your pregnancy body type.

Pregnant Beauty Queen
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  • Big All Over - Your pregnancy hormones are on a rampage making your face and ankles puffy. Create an illusion of length by wearing tunic tops and pants. Draw the attention away from your face to your neckline by wearing gorgeous accessories. Wear slim flats or wedges that will give you height.
  • Small All Over - Your body's slim to begin with making you like a dude that just swallowed a basketball. Your tummy needs all the attention it can get. Wear shirts that have ruffles or embellishments that will give you more curves. You can also wear stretch, body-hugging shirts paired with skinny jeans.
  • Carrying Low - Your sporting the "nearly there" look and your baby rides low. You will need to balance things out by drawing attention to your body parts other than the belly. You can wear a pencil skirt to show your legs and tops that are long in the torso. Another option will be to wear v-neck, empire cut blouse to emphasize your bust line more than your tummy.
  • Carrying High - From afar, it looks like your belly has merged with your chest. You will need to find a dress that has one solid color on top and another down below to break the connection. A lot of spring maternity dresses carry this style.
Pregnancy is not an excuse to not become fashionable. Stay healthy and pretty at the same time for you and your baby!

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