Boys and their guitars

"What is it about boys and their guitars that girls so like?"

This question was asked by my boy a week ago. Being enrolled in an exclusive boys' school, Rap is still clueless about girls. Last week, their class had a half-day interaction with selected girls of the same age from a public school in the same city. He brought his guitar that day because he and his classmate performed an intermission number. A few days after that, his Facebook account was bombarded with friend requests from some of the girls they interacted with. The girls are lucky that his mom isn't the jealous type, haha!

Going back to the question, what is it really about guys playing guitars that we girls really like? I also remember having a crush on a classmate who played the guitar really well because it made him so cool. Never mind if his guitar was old and a far cry from expensive electric guitars. Of course, I didn't know any better then. So now, I just gave the usual litany that crushes aren't meant to be taken seriously. I hope my boy understands my point.

Ahh... maybe a year or two from now I'll be getting more questions of this kind from my teen. Hope he takes his sweet time in loving music more than girls, LOL!

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  1. Boys with guitars look cool and sweet and romantic; they can make girls swoon over their music. I'm glad my son is still a kid, and I still have a number of years before he will ask me questions about girls and other stuff. 

  2. hmmm boys + guitars= cool. hehehe i really don't know pero kahit ako nagkacrush sa lalaking magaling magguitar.. di lang pala crush, pinakasalan ko pa =D 

  3. ask the American teens who always vote for the guy with the guitar hahaha

  4. Matagal-tagal ka pa sis. Enjoy it while it lasts, hehehe...

  5. I think boys who play the guitar seemed "cooler" than those who don't..heehee


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