Can small kids use memory foam mattresses?

I have been longing to buy a memory foam mattress since I first tried sleeping on one. It felt so comfortable as the foam followed the contour of my body. I know I'm not the only fan of memory foam mattresses because even the known mattress brands have their own memory foam mattresses which prove how in-demand the product is. This fame among consumers also make it more expensive compared to the regular foam or spring mattresses.

Thinking of buying one for your home? Think twice if you have small kids in the house. As it appears, memory foam mattresses are not really recommended for young kids to lie on. First, it may cause suffocation for small babies who may turn over and sleep on their faces. There has also been an issue about memory foam mattresses being too warm for the young ones whose bodies cannot effectively regulate temperature yet. Lastly, some parents are concerned about how it will affect their children's spine.

To be on the safe side, I think it wouldn't hurt if we just let the young ones sleep on regular mattresses. One recommendation is to use a spring mattress and top it with a thin foam that's enough to give the same comfort as memory foam mattresses.

What do you think?

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  1. I don't know about this. I love sleeping and we plan to buy a memory foam mattress soon pa naman. We're still cosleeping Gwen kaya I'll settle for our old one muna.

  2. I haven't tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but I would love to experience the comfort it brings. Perhaps we'd buy one if our little boy is a bit older. 

  3. I'll keep this in mind when buying a new matress!

  4. With little ones, I would still use the regular mattress unless the memory foam has a special feature that can be good for kids 


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