Sugar free gum for oral health

Being diabetic, it's but normal for me to choose sugar free food items over ones that are not. One of my sugar free staples are sugar free gum. A small canister is always present in my bag for times when I need to freshen my breath after a meal and I can't find a place where I can brush my teeth or even gargle. The brand that I use is sweetened with xylitol and it's written on the package that it can help prevent tooth decay.

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I was skeptical at first because I know that even sugar free gum has sugar and sugar, when left in between teeth, can cause caries. Here's what I learned, xylitol prevents the growth of Streptococcus mutans, the oral bacteria that's responsible for cavities. It's also kinder to the tummy unlike sorbitol, another sugar-substitute, that is a laxative. Meanwhile, chewing promotes the production of saliva that helps wash away small pieces of food in between teeth. Now, chewing sugar free gum makes it even better for diabetics like me because we don't have to worry about our blood sugar levels spiking up.

An important thing to note though, chewing gum should not be treated as a substitute for toothbrushing, flossing, or rinsing! People who are also suffering from jaw problems should also take care in chewing gum. You should also refrain from letting young children chew gum because they may swallow it.

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  1. I don't usually allow my son to chew gums, but when it can't be prevented because he insists on having one, then I make sure I give him sugar-free gum. That's one way to help him reduce his sugar intake. 

  2. diabetic or not, i think we ought to opt for sugar-free products like this, they are healthier. + yes, xylitol indeed helps in preventing tooth decay. the next time i buy gum, i will make sure to get one of these! thanks for sharing :)


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