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My teenage years were filled with music mainly because my sister and I were part of our parish choir. I practically grew up with my choirmates, and was the youngest at 13 during our early years. They are a big part of my life and have witnessed my milestones. Some of my older choirmates are even Rap's godparents. That just shows how big the mark they have left in my life.

As we turned older, our priorities got in the way. I, for one, got married and found it hard to make it to Sunday mass because Rap was still too young to be left with the yaya. We disbanded eventually and I had a hard time going to church knowing that I will not be singing with the choir. I get sad when I hear and see a choir accompanied by the church organ. I remember not hearing mass at all for a long period of time. Yes, those were dark times.

We attended the Christmas party with my mom-in-law, Mama Babes.
But the Lord clearly planned to bring me back to serve Him. Last July, my family and I started hearing mass at Feast Taytay. Feast Taytay is the homebase of Bro. Bo Sanchez's Light of Jesus Family in Rizal. It's truly the happiest place on earth! We never missed a single Sunday mass since then. This year, I and the boys vowed to use our talents to serve in the ministries of Feast Rizal. My husband and I signed up to be part of the Media and Events Ministry while Rap signed up for the Youth Ministry. We just had our first meeting last and I thank the Lord for sending us new friends. I am also so thankful that, this time, I'll be writing for His glory.

This is truly going to be an awesome year of service for the Lord!

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