Rap's First Trick or Treat

Sleeping over at my parents' house gives me access to old photos, hihihi. It's so timely that I was able to find my mama's copy of the photo taken during Rap's first ever Trick or Treat. We were fairly new in Laguna Bel Air then and I didn't know that they hold an annual Trick or Treat program not until the day itself, haha! Lucky me, our neighbor Alma (now my kumare) lent us her son's bumble bee costume.

Isn't he cute? He was only 17 months old then. Now, at 12 years old, he doesn't want to join Trick or Treat parties anymore even when I tell him I'll dress him simply. Not even when I let him see the cool Halloween lapel pins I've been eyeing to buy for him as accessories. I'm kinda sad, really, because this is the first year that we'll not be going around Trick or Treating. Oh well, at least my house is ready for the neighbors' kids!Did you like my post? CLICK THIS to have my posts delivered straight to your email inbox.

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