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I know you're as particular as I am when it comes to your child. But when I was pregnant with Rap, I really had limited access to information about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the like. It was still dial-up Internet then and I only get to read books and magazines.

Pregnant moms and first-time mommies are luckier nowadays because they can learn so much information from the Internet. Now, there are blogs, forums, and Facebook pages dedicated to motherhood. One such page is the Anmum Mommy Circle.

Anmum Mommy Circle is a loving community of moms and moms-to-be where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. There are timely information posted there, from pregnancy workshop schedules to mom massage service reviews. Of course, you can make new friends at the Anmum Mommy Circle, too!

Join me at the Anmum Mommy Circle! I'm sure we'll have fun. But to make things more exciting, Anmum will be giving 400 gram boxes of Anmum Materna to five (5) lucky moms joining the Anmum Mommy Circle!


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Share your most memorable pregnancy moment by leaving a comment below.

The giveaway starts today, October 16, 2012 and ends at 11:59 pm of October 31, 2012. This is open to all readers in the Philippines and prizes will be shipped to the lucky winners. Winners will be chosen via Announcement of winners will be on November 7, 2012.

Good luck mommies!

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  1. When I was in my last quarter for my first baby, sobrang inip na ako at dumating sa point na umiiyak ako kasi ang tagal. Hindi pa sya humilab. So there's no choice to undergo induction. Giving birth was my very first painful experience in my life yet the best thing worth remembering.. Naghallucinate pa ako, umiyak ako ng magising ako ng madaling araw after all the pains of giving birth, kasi hindi ko agad nakita ang baby ko. Pinatulog ako after lumabas ni baby..hehee 

  2. i guess my most memorable moment was when i felt my little one kicked inside my tummy! it was then that i actually believed i was pregnant! :)

  3. Well the most memorable moment during my pregnancy is at the time of giving birth wherein I have a premature labor and since its been 3 days of continues labor and the baby isn't going down yet, my ob have to induce my labor already and its really painful having double dosage...huhuhu..But thanks to God, I have a safe delivery after all.

  4. when i first felt his somersault and his regular midnight kick on my right rib! :)

  5. My first pregnancy {and hoping for next :) } is the most memorable, though Ive been through a lot it was the best for me after almost 6 years waiting... They say its a boy, no...all of them says its a boy because Im so ugly during those time I was preggy, though my husband dont care about it...but at the end its a pretty baby girl!

  6. Well my pregnancy is one full of memories. But perhaps the most memorable is the first time I learned that I was pregnant. So full of joy!

  7. learning for the first time that i was pregnant is like a whirlwind of events, it's mixed emotions of happiness and fear , fear of another miscarriage and joy of knowing that hopefully my wish to become a mother will now come true and it does and now i'm a proud mother of not just one adorable baby but two lovable kids.

  8. My unforgetable pregnancy is my second delivery because i transferred twice to different hospital and almost lost my life because of bleeding but im happy and very thankful to God that after all me and my baby is safe after i give birth

  9. My   most memorable moment is my first pregnancy since i dont know nothing yet about giving birth and its so hard for me to deliver my first baby it took me 2 days labor and pain because i really dont know how to push the baby out but pain is worth the wait since i give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

  10. My most memorable pregnancy moments are hearing the hear beat of baby ER for the first time, the first ultrasound, finding out the sex & then, of course, going into labor. Nothing in the world makes me happier than knowing that I play a major part in the creation of that beautiful new life growing inside of me. :)


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