I need to upgrade my landline phone to a PLDT Telpad!

I am a busy mom. No matter what happens, my husband's and son's needs will always be my priority. This is the reason why, even though I should be working from home, I am often out and mobile so I can run errands for the husband, eat lunch with him, and get my boy from school and accompany him to his choir rehearsals and Kumon sessions.

The online tasks, I can bring with me wherever I go as long as there's a decent place to plug my laptop into. The household chores, I can't. I mostly delegate tasks to our househelp who has been so handy every since. I have no problem with the way he does his job (yes, I have a houseboy instead of a maid) but he's gullible most of the time. Coming from the province where everyone knows almost everyone, he's too trusting of people. That's why, I still have the following scenario keeping me a bit paranoid when I'm not home or whenever we travel.

Click the play button, please!

I know you're all too familiar with the Dugo-dugo Gang's modus operandi. Do you want this to happen in your household? Definitely not! And this is 1 of the 1,001 reasons why I need to upgrade my landline phone to a PLDT Telpad!

The PLDT Telpad is not your ordinary landline phone. It has a 7" Android tablet that is connected 24/7 to PLDT myDSL at home via WiFi. Having the PLDT Telpad at home will have my helper connected to the Internet as needed. That way, he can verify our whereabouts whenever he needs to via apps like Facebook, Foursquare, or Life 360 which are also installed on our Android and iOS devices. And because the PLDT Telpad tablet also has a 2-megapixel front facing camera, we can install Skype so the helper can make a video call and see whether we're still alive and kicking or not!

These are only a few of the apps that can be used on the PLDT Telpad. Of course, as with any other Android device, web browsing, accessing emails, checking Twitter updates, watching Youtube videos (much like my video of Inday above), and playing games are all possible on the PLDT Telpad.

What makes me want to have the PLDT Telpad all the more is the exclusive access to the TelMeHow app.

This app has a lot of "how-to" videos on various topics such as travel, fashion, photography, food, and first aid. Take note, PLDT TelMeHow cannot be installed on any other Android device. This will only work with the PLDT Telpad!

I can just imagine how happy we'll be coming home to a dinner table prepared by the houseboy courtesy of a new recipe he learned from the TelMeHow app!

I can also have peace of mind whenever I leave my son alone with the helper because I know he'll have First Aid videos to guide him should an accident happen at home.

Oh, I can just go on and on about the many features of the PLDT Telpad! I can't wait to upgrade my landline phone! Maybe you should, too! To know more about PLDT Telpad, you can visit http://telpad.pldthome.com/home.aspx.

This post is my entry to the PLDT Telpad Blogger's Challenge (http://telpad.pldthome.com/bloggerspromo.aspx). Sign up to upgrade your landline phone to PLDT Telpad by voting for my entry and get the chance to win a 16gb Mirco SD Card. CLICK THIS to view my entry at the PLDT Telpad Blogger's Challenge gallery, then click the I WANNA GET A TELPAD button to register and vote. Please don't forget to indicate that you were referred by The24HourMommy.com! Clicking the Facebook/Twitter button found under/beside my name in the gallery and sharing my entry also counts!

Wanna get a bigger view of Inday's video? You can do so by clicking HERE.


  1. PLDT's Telpad is loaded with features but that makes me wonder if they'll take back the unit if it becomes defective.

  2. ganda nito no? ewan ko if mama applied for this na :D

  3. With landlines as techy as this I think Inday will be home a lot not just doing telebabad but playing with the apps! Haha kidding aside.  PLDT do need to keep up with the times, because most people carry mobile phone now and not rely on their landlines anymore

  4. goodluck! hope you win a telpad :)

  5. pag may  PLDT Telpad. mas gumagaan ang buhay ng isang nanay

  6. Goodluck;) i really want to have that kaso hindi ata sila available sa bukidnon.

  7. Looks like it's out with the old phone and in with the new PLDt telpad...

  8. Jennie of KikayCorner.netOctober 25, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    naku si Inday, baka mag selos si houseboy! hehe I love the animation! :)

  9. Ay naku, I really wanna get a TelPad kasi binigyan na ako ng clearance ni Daddy mag-upgrade. 

  10. That PLDT TelPad is a truly useful gadget. I'll suggest this to hubby. 

  11. i love the idea of having my own telpad but i'm still weighing of changing from my old provider to this new offering.

  12. PLDT offered this to us before but didn't understand the full advantage of it. Now, I know better. :) Will get one for the house then. :) 


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