Good things that are bad for your child's teeth

I'm proud of the fact that we were able to keep my son's teeth perfect and cavity free up to now. He's not really into sweets and I also made it a point to have him regularly brush his teeth. Now that he's older, his routine includes flossing and rinsing with our favorite mouthwash.

But caring for your child's teeth does not only mean regular toothbrushing and having them stay away from sweets. I bet you didn't know that there are good things that are actually bad for your kid's pearly whites. Here are just a few of them:

  • Gummy vitamins. Gummy vitamins are made to resemble gummy candies to make it more appealing to kids. However, anything sticky and sweet is bad for the teeth especially if you don't ask your kid to drink a glass of water or brush his teeth after.
  • Juices. I'm sure you'd prefer your child to drink fruit juices than soda drinks, right? Packed fruit juices are usually prepared with a lot of sugar so fresh fruit juice is still best. Also, you would want them to use a straw when drinking citrus juices because citric acid can eventually destroy teeth enamel.
  • Quick snacks. Here's the thing, the more the mouth chews, the more saliva is produced. Saliva helps wash the mouth of food sediments that can get trapped in between teeth and cause cavities. For your child's snack, choose healthy foods that will make them chew more like carrot strips or a cheese sandwich instead of sweet cookies and biscuits.

And while you take care of your child's teeth, also remember that your dental health is as important. Tooth decay is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Just imagine if you're a smoker with bad dental health. Think about this before you go searching for the best cigar deals in town.

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  1. Waaah! Gummy vitamins?! My son's teeth are still good up to now, but he has a sweet tooth so I don't know, maybe in the long run it will take a toll on his teeth, I have to make an effort to let him drink more water. :P He loves brushing his teeth though, thanks to spongebob toothpaste. :D


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